Jinder Mahal and 10 WWE Stars Who Have Been Hurt by 2018 Superstar Shake-Up

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Jinder Mahal and 10 WWE Stars Who Have Been Hurt by 2018 Superstar Shake-Up

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    Jinder Mahal as WWE champion on SmackDown.
    Jinder Mahal as WWE champion on SmackDown.Credit: WWE.com

    The annual WWE Superstar Shake-up is supposed to help freshen up Raw and SmackDown Live, give wrestlers new opponents and potentially provide struggling talents with renewed pushes. However, WWE's intentions and execution don't always line up that way.

    This year's Shake-up took place across two days on April 16 and 17. In the proceeding months, we have already seen some transfers affect those Superstars in big ways.

    Some people have benefitted as planned like The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Baron Corbin and Samoa Joe, but the majority of people who were moved between shows are either in the exact same spot or worse off than they were on their original brand.

    This is bound to happen with a couple of people following a Shake-up. It just seems like too many Superstars ended up suffering this time around.

    This article will look at 10 Superstars who were moved during the Superstar Shake-up and how it has negatively affected them.

Jinder Mahal

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    Jinder Mahal spent 170 days as WWE champion in 2017. He went from being attacked by the New England Patriots' Rob Gronkowski during the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal to holding the most prestigious title in the company in the span of two months.

    His reign started off rocky, but he grew into a decent heel while holding the belt, especially since he had The Singh Brothers by his side to do his dirty work.

    Even though he lost the WWE Championship on November 7, Mahal continued to be a top heel on SmackDown. He won the U.S. title in April but lost it to Jeff Hardy after only eight days.

    Since he moved to Raw that month, The Maharaja has been on a downward spiral. He has barely been used at all, and the few appearances he has made have been comedic in nature.

    His peaceful character isn't generating any heat, and all the momentum he built up on SmackDown has been wasted. Mahal has a lot of great qualities and has made significant improvements since returning to the company in 2016, so hopefully management finds a better way to use him.


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    Do you remember when the most highly anticipated segment every week was The Fashion Police on SmackDown? Those were good times.

    Fandango and Tyler Breeze took what should have been a terrible gimmick meant for jobbers and turned it into something fans adored through hard work and comedy.

    They parodied films and shows like Pulp Fiction and Stranger Things, helped make The Ascension interesting for the first time since being called up from NXT in 2014 and won over millions of fans around the world with their sense of humor and dedication to the gimmick.

    They began to lose steam once the segments were moved exclusively to WWE.com, but their push came to a screeching halt when they were drafted to Raw.

    Fandango is sidelined with an injury, so Tyler Breeze has been forced to go it alone. He has been used a few times recently but only to put other people over.

    This is another case of WWE having something special and ruining it without any logical reason. 

The Bar

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    Cesaro and Sheamus have been on quite the roller-coaster ride since Mick Foley forced them to work together in September of 2016.

    They started off as rivals and ended up becoming four-time Raw tag team champions in less than two years, producing several show-stealing matches along the way.

    After they were moved to SmackDown and lost their last opportunity at the Raw tag titles at The Greatest Royal Rumble, The Bar went AWOL.

    Well, to be more accurate, WWE put them on the shelf until Tuesday, when they reemerged to participate in Paige's tag team tournament to find new No. 1 contenders to SmackDown's tag team gold. 

    Not only is it ridiculous to take two of your best athletes out of rotations like that, but it's even more unbelievable when you consider how popular they became as heels on Raw.

    They are too valuable not to use, so they will likely end up as champions again. But it has taken WWE too long to find something for them to do on the blue brand.

Bobby Roode

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    Bobby Roode has been the victim of two mistakes by WWE management. The first one happened when he was suddenly changed from a heel to a babyface upon being called up from NXT in August 2017.

    He rebounded and won over the crowd while finding success as a United States champion. It looked like things were going to be all right for Roode for a little while.

    Then the Superstar Shake-up happened, and he went from being a regular fixture on SmackDown to someone who is lucky if he even gets a match on Raw.

    Roode is no spring chicken, but he is still a gifted wrestler in prime physical condition. Surely WWE can find a better way to use a veteran like him than what we have seen in recent months.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

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    The way WWE has used Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson has been confusing since they debuted in April 2016, but things have gotten much worse since they were moved from Raw to SmackDown.

    Not only did WWE break up The Balor Club by drafting them, but Anderson and Gallows haven't been paired up with AJ Styles again, which many people expected would happen once they were all back on the same brand.

    They had a shot at the SmackDown tag titles at Money in the Bank and came up short. When Paige booked a four-team tournament to find new challengers for the champion Bludgeon Brothers, The Good Brothers were nowhere to be found.

    This may simply be a case of WWE having too many teams on the blue brand to support all at once, so Gallows and Anderson might end up back in the hunt for gold soon.

Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin

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    On paper, Chad Gable is almost the perfect professional wrestler. He has an Olympic pedigree, a great physique, more power than a man his size should have and took to the sport like a duck to water.

    His combination of size and skill could have made him a Daniel Bryan-like underdog character, but WWE doesn't always take advantage of what someone like Gable has to offer.

    It seemed like he was going to get a second chance at tag team success with Shelton Benjamin as his partner, but those dreams were squashed when they were broken up during the Superstar Shake-up.

    Gable was moved to Raw and quickly buried under all the other midcard talent, and Benjamin hasn't fared much better on Tuesdays since going solo.

    The plan may be to reunite American Alpha on Raw, but we won't know until Jason Jordan is brought back on to television following his neck surgery in February. Until then, it appears Gable and No Way Jose may end up working together.

    As for Benjamin, he is a world-class athlete and veteran of the business. If WWE can't find a way to properly showcase his skills, he could go back to tearing down the house on the indy scene.


    Which Superstar do you feel has suffered the most since the Superstar Shake-up, and how can WWE fix the problem? 


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