WWE Evolution 2018: 10 Stars Who Must Be Involved in Women's Only PPV

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistJuly 26, 2018

WWE Evolution 2018: 10 Stars Who Must Be Involved in Women's Only PPV

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    Michelle McCool posing for the crowd.
    Michelle McCool posing for the crowd.Credit: WWE.com

    After years of hard work, the WWE women's division will reach new heights on October 27 with the Evolution pay-per-view.

    An event solely for the women is something that seemed out of reach until recently, but they have earned this opportunity through their dedication.

    According to Tim Fiorvanti of ESPN.com, Triple H has already confirmed Trish Stratus and Lita will be involved with the show in some capacity. No other past names were mentioned, but he and Stephanie McMahon promised we would see over 50 Superstars at Evolution.

    Even with the combined rosters of Raw, SmackDown and NXT, management will need to bring in more talent from outside the company to fill the remaining spots. Some will likely be competitors from the Mae Young Classic, but it would also make sense to recruit some legends.

    This article will look at 10 women WWE needs to bring in for the Evolution PPV and the possible roles they can fill. 

The Bella Twins

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    Whether you love them or hate them, there is no denying how important The Bella Twins have been to WWE over the past several years.

    Neither of them has wrestled a match in months, but they continue to be part of the company through Total Divas, Total Bellas and various media appearances.

    Even if they don't fight anyone, Nikki and Brie's presence is still a must. It's up to WWE to figure out the best way to use them.

    A simple promo about the importance of the event would be sufficient, but they could also help in other areas like sitting on the pre-show panel with Renee Young or interviewing Superstars backstage as they prepare for their matches.

Beth Phoenix

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    During one of the low points of the Divas era, Beth Phoenix stood out as one of the only legitimate pro wrestlers on the women's roster.

    Her power and beauty were certainly marketable assets, but it was the passion she showed in the ring that made fans want to cheer for her, especially during her time with Santino Marella.

    Phoenix served as a commentator during the Mae Young Classic and did a good job bringing that same energy to the announcer's desk. 

    If WWE really wants to make this an all women's event, it will replace the male commentators for the night. Phoenix's experience on the headset makes her a prime candidate to fill one of those slots.

Alundra Blayze

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    Whether you call her Madusa or Alundra Blayze, Debrah Ann Miceli is a living legend in the world of women's professional wrestling.

    Unfortunately, women's wrestling in the '80s and '90s was almost non-existent in WWE, but whenever it was featured, it was usually Blayze at the forefront. 

    Unless she has a prior commitment, there is no reason not to bring her in for the PPV, especially since she has made so many appearances for the company in recent years.

    She helped with the Mae Young Classic, gave one of the best speeches at the 2015 Hall of Fame induction ceremony and has appeared on other WWE Network shows like Table for 3.

    She would be great in a correspondent's role, but she could also serve as a special guest referee or a young Superstar's manager if she wanted to get more involved. 

Lilian Garcia

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    Jojo has grown into a great ring announcer over the past couple of years, but the female voice of WWE is, has and always will be Lilian Garcia.

    She may have compilations devoted to her flubs and falls on YouTube, but nobody does what she does every single week for over 15 years without making a few mistakes. Also, walking down a ramp made out of steel grating in high heels can't be easy.

    Having Garcia there to sing the national anthem and announce wrestlers for their matches will help make this event feel like a tribute to all the different women who have worked for the company over the years.

Michelle McCool and Layla

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    When Michelle McCool showed up during the women's Royal Rumble match back in January, she showed everyone she still has what it takes to compete in the ring.

    She has kept herself in top physical condition since retiring from the ring and continues to be connected to the company through her husband, The Undertaker.

    As one of the few bright spots during the days of the Divas division, McCool is a must-get for WWE Evolution. Then you have her LayCool partner, Layla.

    They may have come off as a ripoff of The Beautiful People from TNA at first, but they made the mean girl gimmick work well for them. Imagine what it would be like if they crossed paths with The IIconics.

    If WWE wants to book a few tag team matches, putting Billie Kay and Peyton Royce up against LayCool would be one of the best possible combinations of past and present Superstars.

Eve Torres

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    Eve Torres found a lot of success during her time with WWE, but she has become even more badass since leaving the company in 2013.

    She holds a purple belt from the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy where she and her husband, Rener Gracie, have focused heavily on women's self-defense in recent years, with Torres even becoming the first female instructor at the school. 

    During her time with WWE, Torres was in a lot of high-profile storylines. She has only been gone for five years, so even some of the younger fans will remember who she is.

    She could be great in a lot of roles, but it would be ideal if she were willing to work a match against a young talent to give us more past vs. present combos.

Molly Holly

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    When you hear anyone from the business talk about Molly Holly, it becomes clear right away that she is one of the most beloved wrestlers among her peers both in and out of the ring.

    Phoenix took time during her HOF induction speech to thank Holly for not only giving her most of her early ring gear for free but for also paying for The Glamazon to train at Ohio Valley Wrestling with Danny Davis. 

    On top of being a class act in real life, Holly's Mighty Molly character is one of the most memorable and beloved from the Attitude Era.

    It wouldn't feel right doing an event like this without her, even if she just makes a speech about how great it is to see the women's division being given such a big opportunity with this PPV.

    Many parallels can be drawn between Holly's character and Bayley, so it would be a lot of fun to see them interact in some way during the show. 

AJ Lee

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    This one might be impossible, but one of the best things WWE could do for this event is finding a way to bring in AJ Lee for an appearance.

    Being married to CM Punk is an obvious hurdle, but it's doubtful he would stand in her way if she wanted to be part of such a historic moment for the women's division after she helped to be a catalyst for the initial change in direction a few years ago. 

    At a time when the women's matches were seen as filler by many, Lee was one of the few talents being complimented for her in-ring ability. WWE can give all the credit it wants to The Four Horsewomen, but AJ was blazing a path for them while they were still training in NXT.

    Her exit from the entire industry was unfortunate because her love for the business was so clear in every interview she gave and every match she worked.

    Just imagine how big the reaction from the crowd would be when her music hit. It would blow the roof off the building and create an instant memory for everyone watching.

    These 10 women all deserve to be acknowledged for their hard work at Evolution, but they aren't the only ones. Who would you like to see make an appearance at the PPV?