WWE SmackDown Results: New Day Earn 5th Championship and Top Takeaways

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistAugust 22, 2018

WWE SmackDown Results: New Day Earn 5th Championship and Top Takeaways

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Following up a night of big matches at SummerSlam with sometimes frustrating results, the August 21 edition of SmackDown Live was focused on fallout. Most of the card was already announced ahead of time.

    From promised responses by Becky Lynch and AJ Styles after their actions through to a main event No Disqualification rematch between The New Day and The Bludgeon Brothers, this was expected to be a big nightand it did not disappoint.

    Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods fought without Big E in a vicious match and still managed to come out victorious against Harper and Rowan to earn their fifth tag team championship reign. Brie Bella also made her return with an attack on The Miz, starting a feud with Maryse.

    As this show moves forward, the big feuds are being clearly established, with Jeff Hardy finally going after Randy Orton full force in an unstoppable assault of The Viper. Lynch also cut one of the best promos of her career in her first night as a heel to prove she's one of the best in the business.

    These were the biggest takeaways from a SmackDown that continued to build multiple heated rivalries on the road to Hell in a Cell on Sept. 16.

The New Day Are Back Atop the Tag Team Division with 5th Title Reign

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    The New Day returned to the mountaintop by taking out The Bludgeon Brothers on SmackDown in a great main event. The longest reigning tag team champions in history have already solidified their status as one of the greatest teams in history, and this was just icing on the cake.

    Rowan was injured at SummerSlam, which likely pushed this decision, but it is likely WWE always wanted Kofi, Big E and Woods to hold the SmackDown Tag Team Championships again. The trio have rarelyif everbeen treated as anything less than massive stars on this brand.

    It is hard to say if it was the right move, though. SmackDown's loaded tag team division includes multiple teams that could have used that rub. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are in limbo right now even with their appearance this week to challenge Sheamus and Cesaro. Sanity, meanwhile, have completely fallen off the map.

    As good as the champions are as a unit, proved by their excellent main event performance once more, they should not be titleholders for too long. Hopefully, they can give someone such as Sanity the rub they desperately need as The Power of Positivity is enough to sustain the popularity of New Day.

    The Bludgeon Brothers were solid tag team champions, and it feels like their reign was far too short. Hopefully, Rowan will heal up quickly, and the heavyweights can reclaim their spot soon enough.

Brie Bella Returns to Action for a Feud with Maryse Few Will Enjoy

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    The Bella Twins made a surprise return at SummerSlam that many fans didn't realize was a comeback to action.

    While they both started out supporting Ronda Rousey on Sunday, Brie seems to be working on SmackDown for the foreseeable future after coming out to defend husband Daniel Bryan to start the night.

    She and Bryan will now face The Miz and Maryse at Hell in a Cell in the first officially announced match for the show. It is not all that exciting as an actual contest, but the emotion behind the mixed tag match should make it work. It is possible this is a one-off for Brie, but she will likely be back for Evolution on Oct. 28.

    Brie vs. Maryse at Evolution could be the plan for that show, which would be a mess given how long both have been out of action. Neither has been great in the ring, but Maryse especially has been far outclassed by the level of talent that has come in since she left.

    If Brie is only coming back for a short time, it is odd she would spend that time feuding with Maryse who she last fought in 2010. This is a callback match not many are clamoring for.

After Distractions, Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton Are Going All Out in Their Feud

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Hardy has finally put his whole focus on Orton, and it showed in their first match together since The Viper's return.

    After a short back-and-forth contest, Hardy low blowed Orton intentionally to get disqualified before sending The Apex Predator into the crowd and hitting a Swanton Bomb through a table.

    This started out as a strong and heated return for Orton, but the use of Shinsuke Nakamura had hurt the momentum of this supposedly vicious rivalry. Now they are making up for lost time by fast-forwarding to the point that they can't even wrestle each other clean.

    This beatdown was solid even if The Charismatic Enigma doing Swanton Bombs from dangerous angles just feels like a mistake these days. It is hard to say if the veterans can live up to their own booking when they finally clash even if they fight inside Hell in a Cell, which is possible.

    Hardy is just too beat up right now to put on his best matches, and it's still not clear how Orton will wrestle in his new role. Unless the former multiple-time world champion goes out of his way to bring their match to a higher level, this will be a lot of time wasted on a lackluster finish.

Becky Lynch Is One of the Best Promos in the Business

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    Lynch wasted no time explaining her attack on Charlotte Flair at SummerSlam, making clear why she had finally snapped.

    She called her loss an awakening from a trance and denounced her friendship before The Queen came out to attack Lynch before the whole female roster broke them up.

    This might have been the best promo of The Irish Lass Kicker's career, though she had many excellent ones as a face. What this promo really did was show the world again just how good she can be in any role. As a heel, Lynch should be able to open up more often even if the crowd wants to cheer her.

    The women's division on SmackDown runs through The Queen, and it has done since the moment she switched brands, which makes Lynch's points entirely valid. Even if she denounces the crowd repeatedly, it is tough to imagine many fans won't still cheer her regardless.

    This feud is starting out on the right foot, coming off as the hottest angle on SmackDown outside of The Miz and Bryan. These two could be the best thing on SmackDown in short order even if Lynch should not have been the one to turn.