Ranking the Best WWE Superstars Who Have Yet to Win a Championship Belt

Anthony Mango@@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistJuly 10, 2018

Ranking the Best WWE Superstars Who Have Yet to Win a Championship Belt

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    Between Raw, SmackDown and 205 Live, there are currently over 115 Superstars on WWE's active main roster.

    Out of those men and women, just over 30 have yet to win a single championship in their entire history throughout WWE, including their stints in NXT, their previous characters and so on.

    In some cases, this is justified due to a short tenure or a lack of overall importance, but when even Curt Hawkins and Konnor have had title reigns, it's time to assess the damage.

    How do these Superstars compare to each other, and who are the top 10 main-roster wrestlers who have yet to hold a single belt?

    Judged on their other accomplishments, how long they've been in WWE, their overall potential and the belts available to them, here's a ranking of the best right now to never win any gold.

Honorable Mentions

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    You can't have a top 10 out of a list of 30 without booting 20 names off the ranking for just not measuring up, but some were close to making the list. In no particular order:

    James Ellsworth is a joke of a character, so it would be ridiculous for him to have won any belts, even though WWE has a history of doing just that with comedic jobbers for shock value.

    Dana Brooke once showed promise, but since she moved up from NXT, her career tanked in a hurry and continued to go nowhere. She's never used anymore unless she's losing, so her time seems up.

    Mike Kanellis hasn't really had a chance to get started, as most of his career has been spent on the sidelines.

    Sonya Deville is steadily improving but has yet to truly break out. Mandy Rose is progressing much quicker and will surely win a title before Deville, but as part of Absolution, she felt the same sting Deville did when Paige was injured, hurting the stable's stability.

    The three members of The Riott Squad are on different scales, but all fail to make the list. Ruby Riott barely missed out, as she's the most capable of the three, with Liv Morgan and especially Sarah Logan failing to do all that much in their short times in NXT before coming up in a group in which they've been overshadowed.

    It might seem harsh to rank Hideo Itami so low, but instead of coming in as a major prospect as he was hyped, he fell victim to injuries, sat out most of his WWE career and has accomplished nothing during the times he's actually wrestled.

    Tony Nese has great abs, but that's about it. He can't seem to make any splashes on 205 Live.

    The same can be said for Ariya Daivari, Noam Dar, Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado, who are all talented but are on a program with only one champion and few opportunities to ascend the ladder.

    Lio Rush may do just that, but he's only just come up to the main roster, so we need to give him more time to flourish.

    No Way Jose has been pigeonholed as a jobber, which is the type of quicksand he's unlikely to escape from any time soon. He's entertaining, but not a priority.

    If winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy counts as a championship, Mojo Rawley wouldn't be on this list, but that arguably shouldn't have even happened. It was a waste, and he's not someone the WWE Universe has fully endorsed.

    Sadly, due to her inexperience in the ring, Lana was just shy of making the list. She's beloved and has shown some vigor, but she's not ready to be the woman at the top of a brand any time soon. Her time may come, though, if she keeps improving.

10. Tamina Snuka

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    Tamina Snuka has been in WWE for over eight years and is the only woman with that long of a career behind her who has never won the Divas, Raw Women's or SmackDown Women's Championship.

    That's absurd, considering she's always been one of the most physically imposing women on the roster.

    Granted, her mic skills are among the worst and she hasn't exactly had the most engaging character, which explains her position at the bottom of this list, but on name and longevity alone, it's still surprising she hasn't won a title.

    At first, she was in a division that emphasized more of the model-like women, rather than the in-ring performers, which could explain the hesitation to put the belt on her.

    When the mentality shifted, though, Tamina was already old news and overlooked in favor of the Four Horsewomen of NXT and others who had a fresh style about them.

    She has been away for several months with a torn rotator cuff, and when she heals and gets back in the ring, it's hard to put faith in her receiving a solid push, but stranger things have happened.

    Given the right tweaks to her character and a little enthusiasm from the powers that be, Tamina could easily be a threat to the likes of Asuka, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.

    All it will take to give her some credibility is for WWE to book her as a strong woman who can get the job done, rather than someone who we're told is imposing, but loses.

9. Apollo Crews

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    While Tamina missed her opportunity by being several years too early for the Women's Evolution, Apollo Crews did quite the same in NXT.

    He made a great impression at first, giving off the aura of being a guaranteed future champion, but there was only one NXT Championship on the brand at the time.

    Had the North American Championship existed back then, Crews surely would have won that title, but he was brought up to the main roster well before that manifested.

    Since his quick graduation, Crews has gone from being a prospect for midcard gold to someone who was struggling to connect with the audience, before finding more success in the tag team division.

    Titus Worldwide could have won the tag belts, if not just for a transitional run, but haven't been able to.

    With The Authors of Pain on Monday Night Raw now, it's unlikely Crews and Titus O'Neil will accomplish that goal, but Crews is still young enough that he could see a resurgence in the future.

    He's athletic, has a good look and seems to be a genuinely nice person, so we shouldn't count him out just yet.

8. The IIconics

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    Billie Kay and Peyton Royce can be super annoying, which is absolutely perfect, as they pull off their characters very well.

    So well, in fact, that it's a shock neither of them won the NXT Women's Championship, until you realize they didn't rise to prominence until Asuka's undefeated streak was well underway.

    Had that not been the case, either one of them, if not both, would have had a run with that title.

    Now they're on the main roster, they've only had a few months to get situated, so we can't expect them to have captured the SmackDown Women's Championship quite yet.

    It's also hard for them to do this when they're a packaged deal, but that didn't stop Lay-Cool or The Bella Twins in the past.

    They're just too good at what they do to be overlooked forever. Royce has shown more promise and will likely get a championship first, but Kay shouldn't be too far behind.

    In particular, if the women's tag titles ever make a comeback, watch out for The IIconics to scoop them up.

7. Breezango

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    While The IIconics have almost always been together, The Fashion Police both had singles careers before becoming a team.

    NXT's Johnny Curtis wasn't much, but after he became Fandango, there was more than enough of a fan uproar to give him the Intercontinental Championship in 2013.

    That would have happened if he had not suffered a concussion that caused him to be pulled out of the match. It instead went to Curtis Axel, who would take the title from Wade Barrett.

    For some reason, WWE never gave Fandango a solid push after that, so he faded into obscurity.

    Meanwhile, Tyler Breeze was struggling in his own right.

    Similar to Apollo Crews, had the North American Championship been around in NXT when Breeze was there, he would have had a run with that title. There's no question about it.

    After they failed to win any midcard titles and WWE lost faith in them as singles competitors, Breezango formed.

    They had a rocky start, but eventually they became one of the highlights of SmackDown with The Fashion Files.

    The crowd responded so well to these silly segments that WWE could have easily capitalized on the momentum by giving the team a tag title run.

    Both Fandango and Breeze are talented enough to have won singles belts, and when put together, at least one tag team championship should have been awarded to them.

    Let's cross our fingers WWE comes around and sees their potential soon enough.

6. Gentleman Jack Gallagher

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    One of the standouts from the Cruiserweight Classic was Gentleman Jack Gallagher, who had a unique look and in-ring style that was both silly and fun.

    He was wildly popular for competing in a division that has never received much attention, and he reached a point where he was even chosen to appear in a Royal Rumble to pop the crowd.

    Had Gallagher got a short title reign between Neville's two Cruiserweight Championship runs, instead of Akira Tozawa, it's doubtful many people would have been upset about it.

    After turning heel, though, his career took a turn for the worse, and he's yet to fully recover.

    It's possible he missed his opportunity to win the Cruiserweight Championship, but there's still hope in the United Kingdom Championship.

    Between those two titles, Gallagher still has a chance to turn things around and get back to being an entertaining babyface who gives the audience an act different from what everyone else in the company is doing.

5. Tye Dillinger

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    Without wanting to beat the same drum too much, the North American Championship would have been perfect for someone like Tye Dillinger when he was in NXT.

    His Perfect 10 gimmick got over so well in such a short amount of time that the crowd still eats it up to this day, despite WWE consistently overlooking him month after month.

    Dillinger is a textbook example of someone so good at his job that he's used to help other people look better.

    Sadly, when that happens, people like Dillinger end up losing so much that they eventually lose their credibility.

    That is when WWE needs to step in and rectify the issue by giving them a push, which the company simply hasn't done yet with him.

    He's severely underrated and could be an excellent hand in the midcard title picture, as proved by his attempts to win the United States Championship from Baron Corbin.

    A few wins, a decent story and a stamp of approval from the brass is all Dillinger needs to win the Intercontinental Championship and become a more valuable player in the future.

4. Ronda Rousey

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    It's unfair to rank Ronda Rousey too high on this list due to her short time on the roster, but it'd be  unreasonable to put her any lower than fourth.

    She's in a strange position as her future title reign is as sure of a bet as can be, with SummerSlam the likely platform where the throne becomes hers.

    Until she takes that belt from Alexa Bliss, though, she's technically still a Superstar who has yet to win a championship.

    Her popularity is immense, the level of skill she's shown in only two matches is extremely impressive, her future is bright and the company sees money in her, so she's guaranteed to have a run with the Raw Women's Championship.

    The sky is the limit for Rousey, and when things are all said and done, she'll have obtained quite a few noteworthy accolades.

3. Mustafa Ali

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    Based on his WrestleMania match and the way he's been booked this year, it's clear WWE sees something in Mustafa Ali, which is a good sign for his future.

    In fact, it isn't too bold of a statement to say if Lio Rush were to take the title from Cedric Alexander, Ali would probably be the next babyface in line after that.

    Unfortunately for him, he was just shy of being the go-to guy for the current role as champion, as Alexander had an edge over him when it came to the crowd's support.

    Since then, Ali has worked to prove himself worthy of the audience's admiration and really become an equal in many regards.

    He's one of the absolute most entertaining wrestlers not just on 205 Live, but in the entire WWE, consistently having amazing matches that people are sleeping on just because of which show he's on.

    The more eyes that are on Ali the better, as he has a lot of heart and even more talent to back it up.

    If he doesn't win the Cruiserweight Championship at some point in 2018 or 2019, it will be a travesty.

2. Elias

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    Somehow, The Drifter from NXT was hot-shotted to the main roster, and it not only didn't kill his career, it actually gave him a massive boost.

    Elias hasn't needed to do much to become one of the most over acts on Monday Night Raw, as within no time he became a featured presence.

    In an odd way, his shtick is so good that if he were given a championship, it might actually hurt his career rather than help it, as it would change his focal point.

    Instead of having Elias get heat through his music and being an interesting character, he would devolve into being just another person with a title he wants to keep, which would be a step down.

    In the ring, he's solid enough, and he has a good look to him, so if WWE ever decides to give him the United States Championship or something else, it would make sense, but he's almost above it already.

    It's unlikely a belt would go with those wicked scarves he likes to wear, but if Fender sponsors a custom design, we'll let it slide.

1. Drew Gulak

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    This may seem like an outsider pick for the top, but there is a good reason Drew Gulak is ranked higher than everybody else: evolution.

    When he first came into WWE through the Cruiserweight Classic, he was as bland as could be and could have easily been on the shortlist of people to not bring back and sign to a contract.

    He had a weird theme that felt like a rejected Sonic the Hedgehog-level song, almost as if it was created for TJP and cast aside. His look was something akin to the worst parts of a medieval knight. He was completely devoid of any character.

    Basically, he was one sniff away from nobody noticing if he had been released.

    Then, he reinvented himself as a parody of politicians and absolutely stole the show on 205 Live, showcasing that he had personality in spades.

    Easily, he was the most captivating talker on the brand, managing to somehow get PowerPoint presentations over with the audience. That's absolutely ridiculous!

    When Enzo Amore was headlining the cruiserweight division, Gulak was matching, if not surpassing him in carrying the weight of the show and should have been given a chance to take that title from Amore.

    Since then, he's become more serious, ditching that character for a more credible submission-specialist gimmick that boosts his in-ring credibility and has positioned him as one of the more feared performers on the brand.

    If you have someone who can talk, wrestle, play different roles and prove that he is willing to improve more and more as time goes on, you have a very valuable resource in Gulak.

    Not only should he get the cruiserweight title in the future, he should also be looked at for tag team gold, as well as possibly a midcard title, but there shouldn't be a glass ceiling for him, either.

    He should be allowed to carve a great career for himself and eventually transition into a trainer role behind the scenes, because he's on his way to earning all of that.


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