WWE Mixed Match Challenge and 205 Live Winners, Grades and Reaction for March 6

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WWE Mixed Match Challenge and 205 Live Winners, Grades and Reaction for March 6

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    Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman took on Naomi and Jimmy Uso this week.
    Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman took on Naomi and Jimmy Uso this week.Credit: WWE.com

    Jimmy Uso and Naomi have been one of the most vocal teams on social media throughout the Mixed Match Challenge, but Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss have been the most entertaining.

    The surprising chemistry between The Monster Among Men and The Goddess has been one of the biggest highlights of the tournament.

    These two teams faced each other in this week's MMC match, while the cruiserweight division had two quarterfinal matches in the ongoing Cruiserweight Championship tournament.

    Mustafa Ali battled Buddy Murphy, and Mark Andrews took on Drew Gulak. Let's take a look at everything that happened in this week's Mixed Match Challenge and 205 Live.

Naomi and Jimmy Uso vs. Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss

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    Naomi and Uso received good reactions when they came out for the match, but the crowd was clearly behind Strowman the most, which means they were also cheering for Bliss by default.

    Naomi's concern for her husband ended up backfiring when Strowman attacked Uso from behind while he was trying to reassure his wife.

    As expected, Strowman dominated while he was in the ring with Uso, and Naomi controlled the pace for most of the time she spent in the ring with Bliss.

    Strowman proved his worth as a partner twice when Bliss was knocked off the top turnbuckle and the apron by Naomi and he caught her both times. The crowd loved the moments because it looked like Bliss was flirting with him a bit.

    Uso got a good laugh out of it, but The Monster Among Men wiped the smile off his face by shoving him into the barricade.

    The end came when Strowman put Uso through the announce table to distract Naomi so Bliss could roll her up for the win.

    This was more entertaining than most of the matches we have seen in this tournament up to this point. It's just a shame it's the last time we will see these four interact with each other.


    Grade: B+


    Notes and Highlights

    • "Get these hands" is the best new chant in WWE.
    • Strowman having to hold Alexa back was hilarious.
    • It was also funny to hear him talk trash from the apron while Bliss controlled the match against Naomi.
    • WWE fans are going to start shipping Bliss and Strowman after this match if they aren't already.

Drew Gulak vs. Mark Andrews

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    Mustafa Ali, Buddy Murphy, Mark Andrews and Drew Gulak
    Mustafa Ali, Buddy Murphy, Mark Andrews and Drew GulakCredit: WWE.com

    The first match from 205 Live saw two completely different styles collide when Mark Andrews took on Drew Gulak.

    Gulak has shed his comedic persona in recent weeks in favor of the more smashmouth style of wrestling we saw him use during the Cruiserweight Classic.

    The change has been good for him, as he finally looks like the kind of person who might win the title instead of the guy WWE sends out to generate a few laughs.

    The brutal technical offense of Gulak dominated the early minutes of the match, but Andrews came back and performed some of the risky moves he has become known for on the UK indie scene.

    The high-flyer used everything in his bag of tricks, but it wasn't enough. Gulak picked up the win with a dragon sleeper in what turned out to be a fun match.


    Grade: B


    Notes and Highlights

    • Andrews needs more opportunities to show off his personality. All we know about the guy is he's from the UK and can do some impressive high-flying moves.
    • Gulak looks so much tougher with a beard.
    • WWE managed to get Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness a new announce table quickly after Strowman broke it during the MMC.
    • Andrews does a lot of things well, but he could work on his strikes. They don't look convincing enough to hurt his opponents.
    • However, the hurricanrana from the top rope down to the floor was impressive.

Hideo Itami and Akira Tozawa vs. Two Jobbers

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    Hideo Itami
    Hideo ItamiCredit: WWE.com

    According to a report from PWInsider (h/t Marc Middleton of Wrestling Inc), WWE is getting ready to introduce a new set of tag titles for the cruiserweight division.

    We may have been introduced to our first team when general manager Drake Maverick paired Hideo Itami and Akira Tozawa together to face two local jobbers.

    There's no point in wasting your time describing the action because you all knew Tozawa and Itami were going to win as soon as you read the description above.

    This was just an excuse to have Itami and Tozawa show off some of their signature moves against two guys with no chance of winning.


    Grade: D


    Notes and Highlights

    • Itami and Tozawa are going to be a great team. They both work a similar style and could benefit from a new direction.
    • Why does WWE even use jobbers anymore? Unless one of them wins every so often, every match with a jobber is predictable and boring.

Buddy Murphy vs. Mustafa Ali

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    The last quarterfinal match in the cruiserweight tournament closed out this week's 205 Live with Murphy and Ali fighting for their chance to advance.

    Murphy has a significant size and power advantage over most of the cruiserweights, but he isn't quite as agile as the majority of the roster.

    Ali made full use of his high-flying ability, while Murphy tried to keep him grounded with strength-based and technical wrestling.

    Their styles meshed well to make a great match. The crowd showed its appreciations with chants of "This is awesome" on more than one occasion.

    After both men put on what might be the best match of either of their WWE careers, Ali picked up a hard-fought win with a crucifix pinning combination. The crowd gave him a great reaction when he left the ring to celebrate at ringside.

    Ali continues to impress every time he gets in the ring, but WWE needs to develop his character more or he will just be known as a reliable worker instead of a fully formed Superstar.


    Grade: A


    Notes and Highlights

    • It's interesting to see WWE having Murphy do a weigh-in before every 205 Live. He came in at 197 pounds this week, which is his lowest weight yet.
    • It's too bad WWE broke up Murphy's team with Wesley Blake. Team BAMF would have been great on the main roster with Bliss.
    • Ali hitting a 450 to Murphy's arm was an innovative way to use that move.
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