WWE Dream Matches for War Machine, Ricochet and Candice LeRae

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WWE Dream Matches for War Machine, Ricochet and Candice LeRae

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    War Machine, Candice Lerae and Ricochet at the WWE Performance Center.
    War Machine, Candice Lerae and Ricochet at the WWE Performance Center.Credit: WWE.com

    WWE doesn't go to the trouble of announcing all its new acquisitions, but it makes exceptions when the Superstars being signed are popular in other promotions.

    This is the case for the company's four latest signings. Candice LeRae, Ricochet and the tag team known as War Machine, Hanson and Raymond Rowe, all recently reported to the Performance Center for testing and to begin the process of starting in the developmental system, according to Cathy Kelley of WWE.com.

    All four competitors could easily go straight to the main roster because of their experience, but WWE sometimes likes to test the waters with the NXT crowd before throwing wrestlers into the deep end on the main roster.

    War Machine come from New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Ring of Honor. The team has held the ROH and IWGP Tag Team Championships, along with a few titles from smaller promotions. 

    Ricochet is a world-traveled veteran with over a decade of experience in numerous promotions and dozens of titles to his name. He is known as one of the most exciting high-flyers in the world.

    LeRae has been acknowledged as the wife of Johnny Gargano on WWE television, but she should not be defined by her husband. She has made a name for herself as one of the most hardcore wrestlers on the indy scene by competing against both men and women.

    Whenever someone new shows up, it's always fun to think about which Superstars they should wrestle. This article will look at 10 dream matches for War Machine, LeRae and Ricochet.

The Usos vs. War Machine

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    The Usos have proved time and time again they can put on a show-stealing performance against any kind of tag team.

    Whether they are taking to the skies, throwing fists or wrestling on the mat, Jimmy and Jey Uso know how to adapt to their opponents.

    War Machine has a track record of success, and putting these teams in the ring together would lead to a brutal slugfest.

    Hanson and Rowe will probably have to put in some time with NXT, but once they get to the main roster, The Usos should be their first targets.

The Bar vs. War Machine

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    The main roster has some great tag teams, but nobody comes close to Sheamus and Cesaro when it comes to power and the ability to beat opponents into the mat.

    Sheamus and Cesaro have shown their ability to lift someone the size of Big Show, so Rowe and Hanson wouldn't overpower them like they could most teams.

    The European Superstars have the kind of chemistry most teams wish for, but so does War Machine. Therefore, putting them in the ring together would produce one heck of a fight.

    We just have to hope WWE doesn't decide to break up The Bar before War Machine has a chance to make it through NXT to the main roster.

Authors of Pain vs. War Machine

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    The Authors of Pain have been drawing comparisons to War Machine for a long time, so one has to wonder what would happen if the teams were put into the same ring together.

    Akam and Rezar have been running roughshod over the NXT tag team division for the better part of two years, and they are running out of credible challengers.

    DIY broke up, The Revival went to Raw, TM-61 has been on hiatus and Sanity is primed to make an impact on Raw or SmackDown Live.

    Injecting some fresh blood can improve any division. Having War Machine give The Authors of Pain their biggest challenge to date would be a big change from the one-sided battles they are used to.

Candice LeRae vs. Charlotte Flair

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    Even without her family name, Charlotte Flair would be one of the top women in WWE thanks to her talent and charisma.

    She is considered by many to be the greatest female performer to come along in years, so she has become something of a measuring stick for the rest of the division.

    If someone can hang with Charlotte, there is a good chance they will find success in the ring. LeRae has a reputation for having great matches on the indy scene, but holding her own against The Queen would convince any doubters of her ability.

Candice LeRae vs. Asuka

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    LeRae's claim to fame on the indy scene is her ability to have bloody and brutal matches against men twice her size.

    But she's not alone. Another woman who has established herself as willing to take as much punishment as she deals out is Asuka.

    The Empress of Tomorrow is undefeated on the main roster, and it looks like WWE will continue to protect her winning streak for the foreseeable future.

    Like Charlotte, Asuka is the kind of Superstar someone could use to propel their own career forward by putting on a good match against them. The former NXT women's champion and LeRae could put on quite the show together.

Candice LeRae vs. Any of the Men

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    WWE mostly steers clear of intergender wrestling, but it makes exceptions when the situation calls for it. We saw it with Chyna and Beth Phoenix, so there is a precedent.

    LeRae could stand out from the rest of the women's division by refusing to be restricted to only facing other female wrestlers.

    While today's PG environment wouldn't let her spill as much blood as she did on the indy scene, LeRae could still put on great performances with a number of male competitors.

    Not only would it be empowering for women to see someone like Lerae fighting against men, but it would also open up an entirely new area of competition for the company. As unlikely as it seems, intergender wrestling could find its way back into WWE.

Ricochet vs. Finn Balor

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    Ricochet has faced Finn Balor before, but they have never competed in front of the kind of crowd WWE draws on a nightly basis.

    Both of these men represent the cream of the crop in the wrestling business. They both spent more than 10 years honing their craft before making it to WWE, so they share a similar journey.

    The biggest problem Balor has run into on Raw is not having enough opponents who can work the same kind of style he likes to use.

    Seth Rollins can keep up, but most of his main event rivals have been powerhouses. Facing another high-flying technician like Ricochet would allow Balor to let loose and show everyone why he was so popular in NJPW.

Ricochet vs. AJ Styles

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    It seems like every wrestler who has made an impact in this business over the past 10 years has crossed paths with AJ Styles at some point.

    Whether it was in ROH, New Japan, TNA or any number of smaller companies, The Prince of Phenomenal always performed like he was working a match at WrestleMania.

    Ricochet's abilities have been compared to Styles' for years. Both of them perform at a high level and make everything they do look as smooth as can be.

    Like Balor, Styles has faced Ricochet before but in a much smaller venue. If these two end up in the ring in WWE, it needs to happen at a major pay-per-view so as many people as possible can experience what would certainly be a five-star match.

Ricochet vs. John Cena

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    Whether you love him or hate him, you have to admit John Cena has taken his rightful place as the most successful pro wrestler of his generation.

    Time after time, Cena produces show-stealing performances against opponents of all shapes and sizes. Unless you have your head buried in the sand, it's hard to deny his talent.

    If someone wants to make waves in WWE, they have to face Cena at some point. It has almost become a rite of passage for a young Superstar to put up a good fight before Cena defeats them in their first encounter.

    Their styles might be completely different, but it's hard to imagine Cena and Ricochet having a bad match under any circumstances.

The Royal Rumble

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    The Royal Rumble gives WWE the opportunity to do a lot of different things, and one of them is testing the waters with new Superstars.

    Giving War Machine, Ricochet or LeRae a spot in one of the Royal Rumble matches would give management an idea of how the crowd will react to them.

    Another upside to putting one or all of them in Rumble matches is creating the feeling that anything can happen at any time. If Ricochet shows up just a few weeks after being signed, fans may be encouraged to check out his pre-WWE career.

    WWE is bringing in some veteran female performers to fill the 30 spots in the Rumble match, so there should be room for LeRae to make a surprise appearance.

    The Royal Rumble is one of the most exciting shows of the year because of the event's unpredictable nature, and giving one of the new signings a special introduction to the WWE Universe at the PPV would give them a huge boost.


    When it comes to new Superstars, everyone has their opinion about potential dream matches. Which WWE Superstars would you like to see battle War Machine, LeRae and Ricochet?