Absolution vs. The Riott Squad: Which WWE Faction Has Most Potential?

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJanuary 11, 2018

Credit: WWE.com

They arrived at the same time, two separate trios of bloodthirsty WWE women—Absolution and The Riott Squad.

The comparisons are unavoidable. The timing of their formation, the size of the groups, their tactics all mirrored each other. They even look alike to some extent.

But where will they differ in terms of success? Are Paige, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose poised to make more of a mark on Raw than Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan will on SmackDown?

When Paige returned from a year away, she brought Rose and Deville from NXT with her. Riott's crew debuted the next night, pouncing on the blue brand's babyfaces.

Each has a bruiser and a glamour girl. Each has a dark-haired ruthless captain. There's no way, though, they both flourish at the same rate.

A look at their talent, booking, gimmick and other factors makes it easier to glimpse into the future to see whether Absolution or The Riott Squad end up being the superior faction.


The Case for Absolution

Paige's posse has more talent than The Riott Squad. 

Miss Hell in Boots herself is arguably the best talker in the women's division. She's the rare combination of young and experienced, having nearly 13 years in the business under her belt at just 25 years old.

She's the safest bet of all six women.

Her sidekicks are poised to be major players. Deville has shown promise, finding her groove with her cage-fighter gimmick. She's shown good presence and ferocity. And unsurprisingly, considering her MMA background, she's quite the striker. 


The mixed martial artist @SonyaDevilleWWE has @SashaBanksWWE in some SERIOUS trouble! #RAW https://t.co/M9vb5nh6iH

Rose has the kind of model look that WWE has long coveted. She's powerful and has ample swagger. So far, she's been uneven in the ring but has shown promise.

The opposing faction, meanwhile, has the rawest wrestler of the bunch—Morgan. 

Absolution's mission statement is clearer, too. It was born of Paige's frustrations. She felt underappreciated and abandoned during her absence. She doesn't feel WWE has given her enough credit for her accomplishments. 

So, with Rose and Deville at her side, she's out for payback. That kind of defined goal is something The Riott Squad has lacked.


.@SashaBanksWWE was either with #Absolution or against them... #RAW @RealPaigeWWE @SonyaDevilleWWE @WWE_MandyRose https://t.co/K7gZ3SWHxQ

Absolution feels like a cult that could recruit more members. It's designed to make Paige look delusional and angry, a mad woman with a band of loyal goons. There are a number of directions the character can go and Paige will likely thrive along the way.

They have a better record than The Riott Squad, as well.

Riott has already suffered four losses on SmackDown since her arrival, per CageMatch.net. In comparison, Paige's record since her return from injury is 4-1. That's been how things have gone in general for the two groups. Absolution has been more dominant while The Riott Squad sits in the middle of the pack somewhere.

That will make it easier for Absolution to be a memorable stable whereas The Riott Squad may soon have to climb out of a steep booking hole.


The Case for The Riott Squad

Riott is a rising star.

She sports a unique look, is a versatile in-ring performer and a well-traveled veteran. She will have a number of good bouts and is an intriguing matchup for just about everyone in the SmackDown women's division.

Logan is a solid bruiser who looked excellent against Mia Yim in the Mae Young Classic last year.

While Morgan's ring work is behind her peers, she has tons of athleticism and energy. Like Alexa Bliss and Carmella before her, she may end up surprising everyone in the end.

The Riott Squad has the edge over Absolution in cohesiveness to this point.

Paige, Deville and Morgan feel like three entities working alongside each other. The Riott Squad has had more chemistry as a unit. Their look has become more unified recently, as well, including their matching T-shirts.

LIV Morgan 👅 @YaOnlyLivvOnce


SmackDown also offers an easier path to success.

Absolution has to compete with the cruiserweights for airtime. They are part of a crowded, star-filled division. The blue brand, though, will need The Riott Squad more because its women's division is not as deep. 


The Verdict

The Riott Squad is already at a disadvantage in terms of mystique because WWE has protected Absolution more. Meanwhile, it has let Riott, Morgan and Logan look less imposing.

After Riott's loss to Becky Lynch on Tuesday's SmackDown, it was hard not to question what the company is doing with the group.

"Why are The Riott Squad the punching bag at this point?" Jake Barnett wrote for ProWrestling.net. "It's pretty clear The Riott Squad aren't a priority and may not be a major factor in the title picture into the future."

Its presentation coupled with the edge Absolution has in terms of talent makes Paige, Deville and Morgan the safer bet.

Paige has already shown she can perform at a championship level. Deville looks like a solid prospect. And Morgan may end up being the biggest deal among the new NXTers. The comparisons to Trish Stratus from the announcers hints at how highly the higher-ups think of her.

Absolution is going to make believers out of its doubters, even more so than their SmackDown equivalents. 


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