WWE 205 Live Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from January 2

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistJanuary 3, 2018

WWE 205 Live Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from January 2

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    Hideo Itami and Jack Gallagher have developed a fast rivalry.
    Hideo Itami and Jack Gallagher have developed a fast rivalry.Credit: WWE.com

    Enzo Amore missed his scheduled title defense against Cedric Alexander on Raw due to being hospitalized with the flu, according to James Wortman WWE.com, but his opponent still saw action when he teamed with Goldust to face Ariya Daivari and Drew Gulak.

    The Zo Train seems to be falling apart at the seams, but that may not be the direction WWE intended to go when this whole thing started.

    Noam Dar's injury and the exile of Tony Nese brought the stable from five to three members, and with the leader out sick, Gulak and Daivari failed to hold their own.

    Having Goldust participate in Monday's tag match might be a sign of more mixing between the cruiserweight division and the rest of the roster in the future, which can only help the division in the end.

    Let's take a look at everything that happened on this week's episode of 205 Live. 

Akira Tozawa vs. TJP

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    Akira Tozawa and TJP from one of their many encounters.
    Akira Tozawa and TJP from one of their many encounters.Credit: WWE.com

    The first match of the night featured the return of the first cruiserweight champion to 205 Live after being off television for the past few months, TJP.

    Akira Tozawa served as his first hurdle to overcome on his way back to the title, and as a former champion himself, the Japanese is not somebody to be overlooked. 

    TJP continued to show the same level of arrogance he had before his hiatus. Tozawa made him pay for being cocky a few times with his trademark brand of stiff strikes.

    The pace was never slow, but they never turned things up to a level that the crowd seemed to want. Most of the match was met with silence and isolated cheers.

    After both men scored several near-falls, TJP picked up the win by jamming his thumb in Tozawa's eye so he could hit the Detonation Kick for the pin.


    Grade: C


    Notes and Highlights

    • It was disappointing to see TJP get such a lukewarm reaction for his return. He is an exciting competitor who has been sorely missed.
    • TJP's new tights are awesome. It's a much better look than what he used to wear. 
    • TJP looks like he has been hitting the gym during his time off. He was always in good shape, but his muscle definition is more prominent now. 
    • With The Brian Kendrick's injury taking him out for the time being, TJP will be a valuable asset as an established heel. 

Hideo Itami vs. Jack Gallagher

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    Hideo Itami takes out Jack Gallagher with a leg drop from the top rope.
    Hideo Itami takes out Jack Gallagher with a leg drop from the top rope.Credit: WWE.com

    For the second week in a row, Hideo Itami and Jack Gallagher were scheduled to face each other in a grudge match.

    Gallagher was not only trying to avenge his loss from last week, but he wanted payback for Kendrick's injury, too. 

    Gentleman Jack showed a clip of Kendrick being injured by Itami to show how he is just out to injure people instead of winning matches. 

    Gallagher tried to attack Itami with his umbrella before the bell. The Japanese had him scouted and got a few shots in before the Brit finally used a lead pipe he had hidden in his brolly to take him down. 

    Gallagher might not have gotten an actual win but injuring Itami with the pipe gave this feud a more personal feel.


    Grade: C+


    Notes and Highlights

    • WWE replayed Kendrick receiving a GTS at least five times in a row.
    • The company hasn't done enough to build up Itami. WWE should be showing video packages of his time in NXT and licensing footage from his career in Japan so the entire WWE Universe can see why this guy should be getting a bigger reaction on his way to the ring.
    • Gallagher is so much better as a solo act than he is playing second banana to Kendrick. They were a good team, but it might be better if they didn't continue their alliance.

Goldust and Cedric Alexander vs. Drew Gulak and Ariya Daivari

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    The main event of the week saw Goldust and Alexander team up one more time to face Daivari and Gulak in tag team action.

    Goldust had a funny moment early on where he pretended to be winded due to running the ropes more than usual against the cruiserweights, but that was the extent of the comedy in this match.

    Surprisingly, the crowd woke up a bit during this bout and started clapping and cheering for Goldust and Alexander. This was either a tag team-friendly crowd or Goldust is too respected for the fans to remain silent.

    This was an average match to cap off an average week of 205 Live. All four of these guys have a lot of skill, but their styles didn't mesh together well enough to make this anything special. 

    Alexander scored the win for his team with a Lumbar Check to Gulak just as he did on Raw. 


    Grade: C+


    Notes and Highlights

    • Goldust and Alexander had a funny exchange backstage. Alexander called him a legend, but he also reminded Goldust of the usual 205-pound weight limit. 
    • Daivari and Gulak's backstage segment with Goldust was unnecessary. 
    • It might sound like overkill, but it might help 205 Live if there were a set of cruiserweight tag titles similar to how NJPW has the Junior Tag Team Championships. This would allow more cruiserweights to get time in the spotlight while waiting for their shot at the top title.