What If WWE Women Had a Tag Team Division? Fantasy Booking 10 Potential Teams

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistDecember 7, 2017

What If WWE Women Had a Tag Team Division? Fantasy Booking 10 Potential Teams

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    Bayley and Sasha Banks during one of their many tag team matches.
    Bayley and Sasha Banks during one of their many tag team matches.Credit: WWE.com

    The WWE Women's Revolution brought a lot of positive changes to the company, and thankfully, management has continued to give the women's division new opportunities on a regular basis.

    The past few years have featured the first women's Hell in a Cell, Money in the Bank and Iron Man matches, and speculation about a female Royal Rumble has never been greater.

    With the return of Paige and the main roster call-ups for Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan, Ruby Riott, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose, Raw and SmackDown now have more women than ever before.

    With the increased number of Superstars making competition for the two championships even more fierce, it might be time for WWE to consider bringing back the Women's Tag Team Championships.

    They were rarely acknowledged on television, but WWE did have a set of women's tag titles in the 1980s. In fact, the only defense to take place on a pay-per-view happened at the 1988 Royal Rumble.

    If WWE was going to introduce a new set of belts, it would need teams to compete for them. This article will look at 10 duos WWE could create for a tag team division and why they would make good combinations.

Mickie James and Alicia Fox

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    Mickie James is one of the most established and successful veterans in WWE today. If she were to team up with anyone, it would have to be another woman with plenty of experience.

    Alicia Fox has spent a decade working for the company, and while she has been overshadowed in recent years, she has still found success at different times.

    Fox and James have experience in common, but their real bond would come from their shared history of portraying characters who have become unhinged.

    James pioneered the emotionally unstable character when she first began stalking Trish Stratus, while Fox has gone down a similar path in recent years.

    If James were to embrace her old self, she and Fox could be a fun and unpredictable combination.

Sonya Deville and Asuka

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    Deville may be untested in a WWE ring, but her MMA experience makes her one of the toughest women on the roster.

    Putting her with another Superstar who likes to use martial arts is the best option, and nobody fits the bill better than Asuka.

    The Empress of Tomorrow has quickly established herself as a vicious striker who is not afraid to take on anyone in the company. 

    She could help Deville build a similar reputation in the tag team division while also guiding the rookie to become a better wrestler.

Lana and Mandy Rose

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    The changes in the women's division have led to more unique personalities and characters emerging in recent years, but some things will never change.

    WWE is always going to have a couple of women who look like models and prefer glitz and glamour over blood and bruises.

    Rose and Lana aren't afraid to get physical, but they seem like they would be just as happy on a red carpet or modeling on a catwalk.

    They would make a great heel team like The Beautiful People in TNA or LayCool because they could insult their opponents' appearance to generate heat. It's a proven formula that always gets sympathy for their babyface opponents.

Bayley and Sasha Banks

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    Bayley and Sasha Banks are basically a tag team already judging by how many times they have worked together, so there is no point trying to find them different partners.

    Despite the differences in their personalities, Bayley and Banks' partnership works on television because it's based off their real friendship. 

    If WWE were to introduce new tag team championships for the women's division, The Hugger and The Boss would be the front-runners to win the belts.

Charlotte and Natalya

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    Charlotte and Natalya have been feuding on and off for a long time. Their rivalry dates back to NXT when they stole the show at the first NXT TakeOver event.

    They have been fighting for the better part of four years, but sometimes the best teams are made up of the worst enemies.

    As two of the most technically gifted wrestlers on the roster, Natalya and Charlotte would be a top tag team from the moment they joined forces.

    WWE loves to acknowledge the history of the Flair and Hart families, and having two members of those clans on the same team would be great for the business.

    Not only would they be a popular duo, but the company would make a ton of money off their merchandise sales if it came up with a cool way to market the Hart and Flair names together.

Alexa Bliss and Dana Brooke

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    Some of the greatest tag teams in the history of the business have been odd-couple pairings of one powerhouse and one smaller competitor.

    The Hart Foundation, Shawn Michaels and Diesel, Kane and X-Pac, and Batista and Rey Mysterio all fall into this category.

    Few women can match the power of Dana Brooke, and nobody can shred her opponents on the mic better than Alexa Bliss. Putting them together just makes sense.

    Bliss can do the heavy lifting when it comes to promos and Brooke can do the literal heavy lifting in their matches. Both women can help each other become better in different ways, and that's why they would make a great tag team.

Sarah Logan and Becky Lynch

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    Before anyone thinks Becky Lynch and Sarah Logan were put together just because they both braid their hair in unique ways, take some time to think about what else they have in common.

    Lynch has been in most of the big stipulation matches on SmackDown, so she has proved her willingness to work a more hardcore style on multiple occasions.

    As far as Logan is concerned, you need to know more about her work outside of WWE to understand why she is the perfect partner for The Lass Kicker.

    Logan used to go by the name Crazy Mary Dobson and was known as one of the toughest women on the independent wrestling circuit. When she first signed with WWE, many hoped she could help the women's division continue to evolve by bringing a more violent style to the ring.

    Lynch and Logan would be the bruisers of the tag team division. They can work a regular match and make their opponents tap out after several suplexes, or they can enter a steel cage and make their opponents wish they had considered a different career path.

Tamina and Nia Jax

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    When Tamina and Nia Jax faced each other in the Women's Traditional Elimination match at Survivor Series, the WWE Universe went wild.

    It's a well-known fact both women are cousins of The Rock. They are part of wrestling royalty, but WWE has kept them apart since bringing Jax to the main roster.

    Having them on different brands gives Raw and SmackDown each its own powerhouse Superstar, but if a tag team division was created, WWE would have to put them together.

    They would be the most dominant force in the company and great choices to become the inaugural women's tag champs. 

Liv Morgan and Carmella

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    If you were to pick two women from the main roster to pair together solely based on their appearance, it would be Carmella and Liv Morgan.

    Ms. Money in the Bank has been rocking a singlet recently, but her original attire was almost identical to what Morgan wears.

    The two even had a funny exchange on Twitter joking about how similar their outfits are. With both competitors on the SmackDown brand, it's possible we will see this brought up on television in the near future.

    Carmella was still somewhat green when she was called up to the main roster, but she worked hard and proved she was capable of being one of the most entertaining wrestlers on the blue brand.

    Morgan is still an unknown to most of the WWE Universe, so pairing her with someone else who had to work to win people over would help her in many ways.

Paige and Ruby Riott

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    When Paige showed up on Raw and Ruby Riott debuted on SmackDown, many fans were left scratching their heads.

    Both of them would be classified as "alternative" due to the way they dress and their personalities, so putting them together seemed like a natural fit.

    Exterior similarities aside, Riott and Paige would make a great combination because they work a similar style in the ring. They take chances and do things most other people won't do out of fear.

    They would work great as heel or babyfaces, and there's no denying how good their matches would be judging from their ability as solo performers.

    All 10 of the teams listed here would make great women's tag team champions, but everyone has their own opinion. What combinations do you want to see in a potential women's tag team division? Let us know in the comments section.