Why Tom Brady Is Begging For a Bone Crunching Sack

Bleacher ReportSenior Analyst IOctober 19, 2009

Is Tom Brady begging for a bone-crunching hit?

The New England Patriots today defeated the Tennessee Titans by a score of 59-0.

This type of game reminds me as to why the Patriots and Brady have no class.  Running up the score is a mockery to the traditions of football, admired only by loser fans that dote over stats.

Teddy Roosevelt must be spinning in his grave.

Running up the score in the NFL is asking for it.  Unless it is a postseason game, you had better watch your back in the NFL after a performance like this; and Brady has just put a target on his.

(Retroactive addition)  After the game, the wife of former Titans GM Floyd Reese, Sally, appeared on WGFX radio in Nashville to state her satisfaction with humiliating the Titans, after the Titans had fired her husband with little notice.

That though should tell you what it was all about. 

Not the greatness of the game, but paypack for some petty private squabbling between people of little character.  Football then has become nothing more than allegories for corporate thugs to dote over, rather than allegories for the common person to achieve greatness.

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Seems to me that the NFL is becoming more like the BCS.  The on-field performances matter less than the off-field squabbles of diminutive trolls.

Stats don't indicate dominance.  The ability to show restraint and still win is a true sign of dominance.  Rubbing someone's face in your pile of feces is not dominance, just the act of a dirt-bag.

People who follow my articles will probably think, "Oh, he's at it again." 

Funny thing is, that Brady gives so much material that I do not have to concoct anything.  He is a classless shrew and should be shown no mercy on a sack. 

He doesn't show mercy, so why should you? 

Eye for an eye, man … and if you are Orlando Brown, the penalty flag make might nearly make you blind.

Brady will even laugh in your face because he knows that NFL rules unfairly favor a dirt-bag like him. 

Just ask Ray Lewis.

Brady dishonors the game; he dishonored a great player, and even dishonored the mother of his son.  Why?  Because Brady is a dishonorable shrew.

I think Brady is begging for a bone-crunching hit.  Take the penalty or even the suspension because Brady makes a mockery of a great game.  We know that Brady knows how to laugh, so teach him to scream!

If anything, the NFL should fine Brady for unsportsmanlike conduct.

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