Unanswered Questions Going into Final SmackDown Before WWE Survivor Series 2017

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistNovember 14, 2017

Unanswered Questions Going into Final SmackDown Before WWE Survivor Series 2017

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    As the final go-home show before WWE Survivor Series 2017, fans are guaranteed that this week's edition of SmackDown Live will go off with a bang.

    There are two title matches scheduled to take place, and the possibility of both championships having new owners by the end of Tuesday night is just the tip of the action that the fans can expect.

    All the buildup and hype leaves plenty of unanswered questions going into the final show before Survivor Series on Sunday.

    Whether it's at the top or bottom of the card, what happens on Tuesday will significantly shape the look of one of the biggest pay-per-view events of 2017.

    Here are the biggest unanswered questions ahead of SmackDown Live.

Does Sin Cara Stand a Chance Against Baron Corbin?

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    WWE has invested so much time and energy into Baron Corbin's likely match with The Miz at Survivor Series that it makes no sense to flip the decks now.

    Sure, Sin Cara is long due an official United States Championship match with Corbin given how he's a longstanding foe of Corbin, but to take the title from The Lone Wolf now would be a strange booking decision.

    Furthermore, Corbin vs. Miz feels like a bout fans will genuinely be interested in at Survivor Series. Inter-brand matches are difficult to promote, but these two guys have done a great job on social media of making it happen.

    While Sin Cara's chances are one of the unanswered questions going into SmackDown this week, it's a fairly straightforward answer: Corbin must retain.

Who Is the 5th Member of Team SmackDown Women If Charlotte Wins?

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    There is so much focus on Charlotte's match with Natalya for the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship that there is another unanswered question fans may have missed.

    If Charlotte wins and becomes the new champion, who takes her place on Team SmackDown for Survivor Series?

    Charlotte wining the title would mean she faces Alexa Bliss, a bout that makes more sense given the heel-babyface dynamic which would then arise, as well as the fact the two have history.

    While Natalya feels like a straightforward option to take her place if she moves out of the championship picture, WWE does have options.

    For example, why couldn't Paige show up on SmackDown and force her way into the picture? For once, it's not that straightforward what will happen.

    And that should get fans tuning in this week.

Where Does Jinder Mahal Fit into the Plans?

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    It may not be the end for Jinder Mahal when it comes to the WWE Championship, but the chances of him getting it back before Survivor Series appear slim.

    So with that in mind, the question has to be asked: What exactly is Mahal going to do at Survivor Series?

    That should become clear on Tuesday, if there are any plans for him to be on the show at all. With Triple H challenging him to a bout in the company's upcoming tour of India over the weekend, it does appear he is out of the title picture for now.

    With so many other stars booked for Survivor Series, there's a real possibility the guy who was holding the WWE Championship just a few days ago could be off the card completely on Sunday.

    However, fans will know for sure after this week's SmackDown just what is going to happen with Mahal. 

Will Raw Finally Retaliate and Invade SmackDown?

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    In many ways, this is the only unanswered question on the lips of WWE fans.

    They've been made to wait for three weeks for the expected retaliation from Raw's stars to invade SmackDown Live, and that wait should finally end on Tuesday night.

    WWE has to hype up The Shield vs. The New Day, to name just one match on the Survivor Series card. The only way that happens is by the former attacking the latter this week on the blue brand.

    Furthermore, there's lots of other booking opportunities and benefits that will come from an invasion of SmackDown Live.

    It's a no-brainer and most fans will expect it to happen. How it is executed will be fascinating to watch.