Extending the NBA Two More Teams Part I: Why They Should

Ethan WeiserCorrespondent IOctober 18, 2009

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The National basketball league has 30 teams. That's a good number. It's an even number, so it can be divided in half, it gives most states a team to root for, and it just seems like it isn't too few. 

The way it is currently situated, however, isn't perfect.

More teams are in the playoffs than aren't. How does that work? A team that is just plain average still has the opportunity to win it all? It just doesn't seem right. 

The NBA teams are also always being constantly re-located. New Jersey is moving to Brooklyn, and Sacramento may be in the process of moving too. The teams need more stability. Seattle, for example, sold its franchise after being in the league for over 40 years!

True, having two more teams does not guarantee stability. I'm just looking for a reform.

With 32 teams, 16 would make the playoffs, and 16 wouldn't. There would be a clear divide between the top half of the NBA and the bottom.

Also, Europe, Asia, and Mexico are all interested in creating NBA teams. There would be a heavy market for these teams. A recent SportsNation poll, however, shows that most cities in the US would not be pleased with these new additions. Mexico, a country closer to home, however, would be acceptable, as we have a team in Canada, and we used to have two teams north of the border.

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The talent in the NBA is also just ridiculous.

A team can't even win with two All-Stars. The top teams in the NBA have so many good players that it just seems logical to spread them out. 

Finally, this would also give the NBA an opportunity to shuffle around with certain cities. Oklahoma was granted its first pro-sports franchise with the Thunder, and the teams currently looking to move (Nets, Kings) would be excellent candidates to give places their first franchises. And why does LA need the Clippers? Don't they already have a championship team? Give the Clippers to Mexico!

Doesn't it just make sense?

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