Which New Day Member Has Most Potential to Be a Top-Level WWE Singles Star?

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterOctober 12, 2017

Credit: WWE.com

The New Day has done everything it can in the tag team realm of WWE.

Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E are the longest reigning WWE tag team champs ever. They have won both the Raw and SmackDown version of the tag championships. They have been the backbone of the tag division on both brands.

Eventually, WWE is going to consider letting these three Superstars walk separate paths. When that happens, each member of The New Day is capable of making noise on their own.

But who has the best shot of being the biggest star? Who is more likely to headline shows and wear a world championship on their shoulder?

Let's dive into that question by looking at Woods, Kingston and Big E's skillsets, their unique traits and long-term potential. 

The Case for Woods

In the early chapters of The New Day's story, Woods was more of a manager than a wrestler. He was the group's Jimmy Hart, a squawking, spazzy mouthpiece. He has since become more than that.

In match after match, Woods has proved himself to be an athletic, high-energy key to what this trio does in the ring. It's not surprising that WWE has begun to move him from a ringside cheerleader role and let him mix it up more often.

PWStream had high praise for Woods' performance at Hell in a Cell:

But Woods' advantage over his teammates lies in his verbal ability. The Georgia native is the best talker of the group. He's funny, charismatic and can trade trash talk with just about anybody on the roster.

Should he venture on his own, WWE can confidently have him take the mic in big spots. 

And Woods offers a unique asset. He appeals to the anime, comic books and video game-loving crowd like few others. Being the host of the UpUpDownDown video game channel gives him street cred so to speak in that world. In addition, he looks right at home in the Comic-Con environment.

He understands that demographic as well as how to connect with folks through social media. That didn't use to be an important part of being a WWE star, but it's a big bonus today.

Woods has also the least amount of mileage on his legs, per CageMatch.net. Kingston has wrestled 1,671 matches. Big E has been in 825 bouts. Woods, meanwhile, has 670 matches on his resume.

And at only 31, he's clearly got a lot of action left in him.  

The Case for Kingston

Kingston is The New Day's veteran. He has more experience on the WWE level than either Woods or Big E having been with the company since 2006.

The high-flyer has been a tag team, U.S. and intercontinental champ. He's faced big names in the past from Randy Orton to Chris Jericho. The spotlight won't be anything new to him.

And of The New Day crew, Kingston has the most standout singles matches on his resume. He's looked excellent in clashes with Montel Vontavious Porter and Dolph Ziggler. He and Cesaro produced a thriller on Main Event in 2013.

The best argument for Kingston being the top prospect from The New Day, though, is that he's the best athlete of the bunch.

There aren't many Superstars on the roster who can leap, bound and sprint around the ring like The Wildcat. In an era where audiences expect high-speed, high-risk matches night in and night out, Kingston is a good fit near the top.

He's a likable natural babyface. He's the kind of colorful and exciting wrestler kids are drawn toward. 

Kingston has a good shot of making WWE look smart to put him in a marquee spot.

The Case for Big E

The sledgehammer of The New Day has world champion potential.

Big E is bigger, stronger, and more sculpted than his teammates. He has the most larger-than-life presence of the three men. He's a closer fit to the prototypical WWE Superstar in terms of build than Woods or Kingston.

His frame also helps him in that he would be the most believable top-tier threat of the group. While it's hard to imagine the other guys from The New Day stepping up to Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar, it's certainly not far-fetched that the powerhouse Big E could handle that kind of fight.

And Big E's personality will carry him far, as well.

He's got plenty of charisma. He's lively and endearing. He's both the guy you want to goof around with at a party and the dude you want to have your back in an alley fight.

He's 31 years old with a lot of wrestling left in him. And Big E likely hasn't hit his ceiling yet. Kingston, on the other hand, is probably as good as he's going to to get.


If The New Day splits, you would be best off placing your bets on Big E to be the man to emerge as the most successful singles star. Kingston and Woods would certainly be in the mix for a midcard title, but Big E has the tools to be on the marquee.

The guys from The New Age Insiders podcast certainly have faith in Big E as a solo act:

Look matters big time in WWE. And the Iowa alum looks like a superhero in spandex. That alone will net him major opportunities. 

Once he gets those, his power, presence and sense of humor will carry him to the top. Look for him to steamroll his way into stardom. It won't be the least surprising if he nabs the Universal Championship or WWE title in the next few years.

Big E is the blue-chipper of The New Day.


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