Comparing WWE Stars to Characters from 'The Office'

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistSeptember 30, 2017

Comparing WWE Stars to Characters from 'The Office'

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    The WWE logo on the company's headquarters.
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    With so many pro wrestlers trying their hand at acting these days, fans often wonder how their favorite franchises would look with a WWE Superstar in the mix.

    Apparently, WWE management thinks about this too. According to Twitter user @SermonsDomain, the company recently sent out a survey asking fans about original programming they would like to see.

    One of the most interesting things listed was a potential WWE version of The Office. While Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant originated the concept, it's safe to presume WWE was referencing the Steve Carell version that aired on NBC for nine years.

    For almost a decade, Michael Scott, Pam Beesly, Dwight Schrute and Jim Halpert entertained us in an environment many viewers found familiar.

    We thought it would be fun to reimagine the series with WWE Superstars, so let's go through its major characters and attempt to find their perfect pro wrestling counterparts.

Renee Young Is Pam Beesly

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    Pam was the heart of The Office. While Jim and Dwight were playing pranks on each other and Michael was struggling to understand social norms, Pam brought the show back down to earth.

    Many episodes featured her exclusively behind the reception desk, but as time went on, she grew into a saleswoman and the office administrator.

    Her sense of humor and sunny personality made her a delight to watch over the course of the show. The only woman in WWE who fits the bill is Renee Young.

    Like Pam, Young began her career at the bottom. She was a backstage interviewer in NXT before moving to the main roster, where she would host Talking Smack and Unfiltered with Renee Young on the WWE Network.

    Young's personality and enthusiasm immediately endeared her to the WWE Universe, and most of us are still outraged we don't get to see her host the post-SmackDown show every week.

Daniel Bryan Is Jim Halpert

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    Carell's Michael may have been the main character in the beginning, but Jim was the guy male viewers were supposed to connect with on a personal level.

    John Krasinski found a way to take the role Martin Freeman had on the original British version of the show and make him even more relatable.

    Some of his coworkers annoyed him, and he was in love with the girl who sat a few feet away. So many of us have been in the same scenario, and that made him a fan favorite.

    If you are looking for a likable everyman in WWE, Daniel Bryan is your guy. Like Jim, he thrived when it often felt like all the odds were against him.

    Bryan even fell in love and had a baby with a girl from work, so he has even more in common with Jim than just being a nice guy with more potential than he was allowed to realize.

Alexa Bliss Is Angela Martin

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    Angela Martin was the cruelest character on The Office, especially during its early seasons before she and Dwight became the second-most important couple on the show.

    She was vicious with words, five-feet tall and blonde. Without reading the title of this slide, you already know who fits this role best.

    Alexa Bliss may not play a conservative Christian like Angela, but everything else about her matches up with the character perfectly.

    Bliss can cut her opponents to shreds on the mic, and she does it all while being the smallest competitor in the ring. She never lets her size be a detriment, and she always has a snarky comeback in her pocket for whenever someone offends her.

    If WWE had a party-planning committee, Bliss would rule over it with an iron fist.

Sami Zayn Is Toby Flenderson

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    Sami Zayn is talented and popular, but much like human resources rep Toby Flenderson, it feels like someone at the top has it out for him.

    For no logical reason, Michael hated Toby. Other than being a little boring, there was no reason why someone would have such disdain for him, but Michael always found something to dislike.

    It often seems like someone in power at WWE has the same feeling toward Zayn. Since he was called up from NXT permanently in March 2016, he has rarely come out on top in a major feud.

    The number of times he has been used to make Kevin Owens look good is too many to count. He might have a bigger personality than Toby, but they share a struggle few others will understand.

The Miz Is Dwight Schrute

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    Dwight was a lot of things on The Office. He was a beet farmer, paper salesman, karate enthusiast and so much more, but his defining trait was how often he made you want to punch him in the face.

    The later seasons made Dwight more likable to help offset Carell's departure, but he still found ways to be the most annoying person in the room.

    If you look at every WWE Superstar, the guy who makes you want to attack him more than anyone has got to be The Miz.

    The A-Lister is one of the best heels WWE has in its employ, and he got there by making sure everything he did got under someone's skin.

    Like Dwight, The Miz has interests outside his main profession, but he replaced beet farming with starring in straight-to-DVD movies.

Vince McMahon Is Michael Scott

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    Trying to find a WWE counterpart for Michael Scott was harder than expected. When it came down to it, his defining characteristic was being a boss you liked but would never want to work for in real life.

    This is why the only fitting comparison is Vince McMahon. The WWE CEO might not be as socially awkward as Michael, but he is an authority figure you would rather watch than associate with.

    The similarities between their personalities are few, but one trait they share is a deep love for their company and employees.

    Despite his ridiculousness, there was never any doubt how much Michael cared for everyone in the office. He looked at his employees as family, and they grew to see him in the same light.

    McMahon will do anything to make sure WWE thrives, and many former Superstars have talked about him as if he were a father figure more than a boss.

Rhyno Is Kevin Malone

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    Kevin Malone was the lovable, giant dufus who sat with Angela in accounting. He might not have been qualified for the job he had, but he tried.

    One of the things The Office established with Kevin was his love of snacking, whether it was M&M's in a jar on his desk or the treats Angela would bring for their numerous parties.

    Rhyno used to be the scariest guy in the ring, but he has softened over the years. He is willing to make a fool of himself for the sake of entertainment, and his love of spray cheese has been well-documented.

    He was especially entertaining during the segments when Heath Slater was trying to make their tag team successful so he could buy his wife and kids a double-wide trailer and an above-ground pool. 

Alicia Fox Is Jan Levinson

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    An Office character who went through one of the most drastic changes was someone who wasn't even a regular.

    Jan Levinson started off as Michael's boss who could barely put up with him, but she slowly degenerated into one of the most unhinged people you could ever meet.

    If you are looking for someone on the WWE roster who has, at times, been a few fries short of a Happy Meal, you need to look no further than Alicia Fox.

    Like Jan, Fox is rarely seen, but when she is, she leaves a big impression. Some of her most memorable moments include losing her marbles and splashing drinks on people, which is something Jan would definitely do if she became angry.

Shane McMahon Is David Wallace

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    David Wallace was another character who seemed out of place among the strange personalities on The Office, but he put up with everything because he believed in his employees.

    Shane McMahon shares many of David's qualities as a level-headed boss. They are both smart, reasonable and often have to overlook ridiculous events to keep the company moving in the right direction.

    Like David, McMahon even spent some time away from the company to focus on other ventures before making a triumphant return.

Bray Wyatt Is Robert California

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    When Carell departed the show toward the end of the seventh season, efforts were made to bring in a replacement who would be entertaining in a different way.

    Will Ferrell filled the role for a few episodes, but his character was written off with a brain injury. This is when James Spader came in as the weirdest boss you could imagine, Robert California.

    If you watched the show during its heyday, you likely found Robert's outlook on life and way of speaking both confusing and intriguing.

    Who else but Bray Wyatt could fill such a role? He speaks in riddles and, just like Robert, seems to march to the beat of his own drum.

    Some might liken Wyatt to Creed Bratton's character because of their unconventional lifestyles, but Robert and Wyatt are more compatible in many ways.