WWE 2K18: Latest News and Buzz for Week of September 18

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistSeptember 18, 2017

WWE 2K18: Latest News and Buzz for Week of September 18

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    The Usos
    The Usoscredit: wwe.com

    Pro wrestling fans are anxiously awaiting the arrival of WWE 2K18, the company's latest venture into the video-gaming world. Details surrounding the game were scarce at first, but over the past couple of months, the information flow has steadily increased.

    Judging from what fans have seen, there's no doubt this game will be a hit.

    It's the best-looking game of the franchise. That's the first hurdle that had to be cleared. Once it was, gamers were all-in. The days of hollow-eyed Superstars stiffly lumbering their way down the entrance ramp seem to be gone; it's the most realistic presentation fans have ever seen.

    The ability to compare the game to WWE programming side-by-side has always been important, as fans want it to be virtually identical. But just as important is the gameplay, which appears to be smooth and effortless.

    2K Sports has evidently outdone itself.

    The game will release on October 17 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Until then, fans are absorbing as much content as they can, and that just keeps getting better.

The Authors of Pain Entrance Video

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    The Authors of Pain have wreaked havoc in NXT, and now they're coming to WWE 2K18.

    Akam and Rezar are the most physically dominant tag team WWE's developmental brand has ever seen, and eventually they will come to the main roster. The intensity they bring will be unlike anything on Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live, and they should make an immediate impact.

    Capturing that intensity on the game was a tall order, but 2K Sports has definitely got it right.

    This is just a small glimpse into what's been accomplished on the game. Attention to detail and commitment to honoring the product is obvious, and it only gets better from here.

The Chairman Goes Digital

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    Vince McMahon
    Vince McMahoncredit: wwe.com

    Don't cross the boss.

    That's a lesson Kevin Owens will learn, as his recent attack on Mr. McMahon was both unprovoked and brutal. McMahon has taken worse beatings—at the hands of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, among others.

    But considering the Chairman is 72, his recent beatdown is especially heinous.

    McMahon has proved he is willing to do anything in the name of business, and he has now elevated KO to the level of top heel in the company. He's also in the video game business once again, as WWE.com announced in early September he is a playable character on 2K18.

    Though the entire roster has been announced, this was a surprise add-on from 2K Sports. The boss will surely get his revenge on Owens through Shane McMahon at Hell in a Cell on October 8, and even if he doesn't show up that night, he will show up on the game.

WWE 2KDev Spotlight Series Episode 5

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    The 2KDev Spotlight Series gives WWE fans a peek into the inner workings of the game.

    Episode 5 focuses on the new Carry System, which is used not only in the ring but backstage as well. Superstars have the ability to carry their opponents in four different positions, transporting them from one place to another. Fatigue does play an important part of whether the carry process works, however, which can bring about the end of the match itself.

    WWE 2K creative director Lynell Jinks is the host and gives fans a glimpse of the new system during actual gameplay.

The Screenshots

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    The New Day
    The New Daycredit: wwe.com

    The latest screenshot gallery from WWE.com gives fans some impressive images of just a handful of the game's Superstars.

    Included among them are No Way Jose, Asuka and The Authors of Pain from NXT, meaning the most popular brand in WWE is part of the action. A somewhat struggling brand is also brought to life; the 205 Live Superstars are along for the ride as well.

    TJP, Cedric Alexander and Gentleman Jack Gallagher are here, as well as Rich Swann and Noam Dar. The newest addition to WWE's cruiserweight division, Enzo Amore, is also in. 

    The main roster is here, including Finn Balor, The New Day and universal champion Brock Lesnar. All of WWE's programs are well-represented in 2K18.

MyCareer Mode

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    MyCareer Mode
    MyCareer Modecredit: wwe.com

    For those fans who want more than to just play the game, MyCareer Mode is back and looking better than ever.

    WWE.com recently gave the rundown of the game's popular story mode, and it sounds great. This is all about the player getting immersed into the world of WWE, and it begins with a strong story. Merely interacting with Superstars backstage is not enough anymore; fans want to feel like their character is part of the action.

    This may be the strongest story mode game the 2K franchise has ever introduced.

    As with any real-life WWE Superstar, the character that goes through MyCareer can be either heel or babyface. "Company Man" sees the Superstar essentially become a yes man for the boss. Following the general manager's lead is the name of the game and doing anything it takes to ensure the GM's success is critical to the character's success.

    "Fan Favorite" is at the opposite end of the spectrum, as the Superstar doesn't care about making the boss happy; it's all about having the best match of the night. Both career paths promise intrigue and, most importantly, fun.

Breezango Entrance Video

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    The Fashion Police is a success story that came from out of nowhere.

    Tyler Breeze and Fandango were sitting still as singles Superstars. So when they joined forces, it barely registered on the radar. But as time passed, the two men began to jell as a team and are now one of the most entertaining acts on SmackDown Live.

    Fans have been treated to some hilarious episodes of The Fashion Files, Breezango's backstage detective show. Every time it seems the show cannot be more ridiculous, it gets even sillier. But the WWE faithful can't get enough of it.

    The Fashion Police will strut its stuff in WWE 2K18, and Breeze and Fandango have never looked better.

WWE 2KDev Spotlight Series Episode 6

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    Episode 6 of the WWE 2KDev Spotlight Series takes fans backstage on the game.

    Jinks is back for another look inside the action and to show off the different areas in which the Superstars can battle. There's not much gameplay this time, but there are stills that show the amazing detail behind the scenes.

    The Superstars' surroundings are just as important as the Superstars themselves. The men and women of WWE can physically look perfect on the game, but if everything else is too flat, it will show. Gamers should be happy this time because 2K18 brings the world of WWE to life and provides a visually impressive backdrop for the characters to inhabit.

Finn Balor's Entrance Video

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    The Balor Club is here.

    Finn Balor is one of the most popular Superstars in WWE today. The former universal champion may be in a feud with Bray Wyatt, but it's only a matter of time until the leader of The Balor Club once again begins a pursuit for championship gold.

    This entrance video may not feature Balor's alter ego, The Demon, but that one is surely on the way.

    Balor looks good, he looks smooth and, best of all, he looks real. This is what fans have come to expect from the 2K franchise, and they will once again get their money's worth here.

    Further updates are sure to come to get fans ready as October 17 draws closer.


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