Carmella: Full Projections and Best Cash-In Scenarios for Women's MITB Winner

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJune 28, 2017

Credit: WWE.com

With the Money in the Bank briefcase in hand, Carmella will thrive, becoming one of the most compelling heels on the WWE SmackDown brand.  

The Princess of Staten Island claimed the contract-filled prize on Tuesday's SmackDown, winning her second Money in the Bank ladder match days after winning the first in WWE history. She was able to push aside Becky Lynch, knock down Charlotte Flair and outlast Natalya and Tamina in order to become Ms. Money in the Bank once more.

It's a role that fits her perfectly.


F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! @CarmellaWWE climbs the ladder to successfully reclaim the #MITB contract!!! #SDLive @realellsworth @BeckyLynchWWE https://t.co/yMfeA6IeGC

Carmella is an entitled, petulant princess. She has no issues with bending, breaking or ignoring the rules to get what she wants. And she's crafty enough to make the most out of the SmackDown Women's Championship match the Money in the Bank briefcase guarantees her.

She's set to be a roaming, grinning scavenger along the SmackDown plains, waiting for someone else to wound her prey for her first.

Tuesday's rematch came about thanks to the controversy over the Money in the Bank match on the pay-per-view of the same name. Carmella's manservant, James Ellsworth, retrieved the briefcase for her to end that bout. A backlash for the ages followed, with many fans seething over the fact that a man essentially won a historic women's match.

SmackDown general manager Daniel Bryan stripped Carmella of her victory and booked a redo for Tuesday night.


NEXT WEEK, we'll have a SECOND Women's #MITB #LadderMatch as @CarmellaWWE will be forced to raise the briefcase high above the ring! #SDLive https://t.co/wzcYjxRnU6

Carmella emerged the winner once more. And from the flashes we've seen from her as Ms. Money in the Bank, she's poised for big things ahead.


Carmella's Launchpad 

The Princess of Staten Island will grow tremendously as a heel in the weeks and months to come.

The Money in the Bank briefcase will provide a foundation for her to build her character on. It will be the source of many talking points and highlight her opportunistic ways.

We've already had a glimpse of what Carmella will look like with the briefcase in her grasp.

After winning the initial PPV match, she gave the promo of her career the following Tuesday on SmackDown. She was powerfully condescending, mocking fans who didn't think she won the right way. This disdainful, irritated version of her character is the best we've seen from her to date. 

And when she appeared on Tuesday's Talking Smack to bask in her second Money in the Bank win, she was entertainingly snide and giddy.

Will Pruett of ProWrestling.net had high praise for her work over the past two weeks:

Will! @itswilltime

Carmella is the MVP of WWE over the last two weeks.

More acclaim like that is on its way. Carmella is clearly getting comfortable playing the heel and has found her footing with this persona. The Money in the Bank win has seemingly motivated her to find a new high gear.

The combination of her improvement on the mic and the opportunities that will come her way via the Money in the Bank briefcase will allow her to be one of the blue brand's best villains.

We will look back at this Money in the Bank drama as a turning point in her career.


Patient to Pounce

Carmella teased cashing in on the very night she won it. She sauntered down to the ring during Naomi vs. Lana and made herself comfortable at ringside, her briefcase at the ready.

The Princess of Staten Island, though, is going to spend a long time with it in her possession.


A little reminder from Ms. #MITB @CarmellaWWE directed the way of #SDLive #WomensChampion @NaomiWWE... https://t.co/YULrcvWzZT

This will be one of those times when the Money in the Bank winner holds off on cashing in for months.

WWE is going to want to milk this. This is the first time a woman has had that briefcase and been the center of this kind of story.

Expect WWE to drag the tale out to allow Carmella to gain more heat, to rub her win in more faces and for the anticipation to build for when she finally makes use of the Money in the Bank stipulation.

The first Mr. Money in the Bank waited nearly 300 days to cash in. There's a good chance Carmella approaches that number. She will get plenty of time to hold on to the Ms. Money in the Bank title, especially because there's no guarantee WWE does a women's Money in the Bank ladder match next year.


Best Cash-In Scenarios 

Carmella has to ambush a babyface. Heels have cashed in on heels before, but a villain robbing a hero of their title is the path to maximum drama.

Current champ Naomi would be a good victim. She's popular, likable and has a history with Carmella.

When The Princess of Staten Island helped form The Welcoming Committee, she and Naomi collided often. They have wrestled four times on TV and PPV since May to be exact, per CageMatch.net

On May 16, she earned a cheap victory over Naomi in non-title action.

Carmella could continually threaten to take down Naomi again, waving her briefcase in her face. The champ could later survive a hard-fought battle with Flair and (storyline) re-injure her knee in the process. Carmella charging down, cashing in and forcing Naomi to take off weeks to recover would be quite the moment.

Cashing in on Lynch would be even more so.

Lynch and Carmella have crossed paths of late during The Welcoming Committee angle. The Irish Lass Kicker is a more sympathetic babyface than Naomi, too. Her real-life journey and long stay on the independent circuit gives her a natural underdog story to play up.

She and Carmella would have an excellent feud, something the folks at Tights and Fights podcast want to see:

Tights and Fights: The Perfect Wrestling Podcast @TightsFights

Give me a Carmella vs. Becky feud! #SDLive https://t.co/fYgm6FExZd

Should Lynch battle her way back into contention, dethrone a heel Flair down the road, Carmella coming in to crush her dreams would be tremendous. Perhaps Lynch and Flair leave each other barely able to stand after a Street Fight.

That would be the perfect time for Carmella to make use of her briefcase. 

She'd kick-start a rivalry with Lynch, add a memorable moment to her resume and win the title in a most underhanded fashion. One can't hope for much more than that from the Money in the Bank story.


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