7 Ways WWE Can Make Roman Reigns the Greatest Heel of All Time

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistApril 21, 2017

7 Ways WWE Can Make Roman Reigns the Greatest Heel of All Time

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    Roman Reigns the night after defeating The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33.
    Roman Reigns the night after defeating The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33.Credit: WWE.com

    WWE has been holding out hope for Roman Reigns being a fan favorite for a long time, but after he defeated The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33, those hopes went out the window.

    Being only the second person to beat The Deadman on the grandest stage of them all was never going to win Reigns more support, but WWE may have underestimated how much hate it would generate.

    The following night on Raw, Reigns stood silently in the middle of the ring for 10 minutes while the WWE Universe showered him with boos. Every time it looked like he was about to say something, the crowd got louder.

    When he finally spoke, he had just five words to say: "This is my yard now." With that short sentence, Reigns threw gas onto an already raging fire of hatred.

    WWE has two choices. It can keep its head in the sand and continue trying to make Reigns a hero, or it can embrace the opportunity to create the greatest heel of all time. This slideshow will look at seven ways WWE can turn The Big Dog into the most despised villain on the roster.

Lean into the Heel Turn

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    WWE's insistence on continuing to push Reigns as a good guy has led to more people turning their back on the once-popular Shield enforcer.

    Management had the same opportunity with John Cena at one time, but it didn't capitalize on the situation and settled for mixed reactions.

    The same mistake cannot be made with Reigns. WWE has fewer chances to establish a megaheel anymore because today's fans tend to like the bad guys.

    AJ Styles and Kevin Owens are heels who sometimes get better reactions than their babyface opponents because they are so good at what they do.

    Reigns could be the answer to this problem. Most fans have already decided they will never like him, so WWE may as well take advantage of the situation and turn him into the monster he should have been for the past two years.

Book Him Even Stronger

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    Reigns has been portrayed as someone who can overcome just about any obstacle put in front of him, and it has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

    Someone can only be the underdog so many times before people stop believing in the story. There's an easy answer to this problem.

    WWE should turn Reigns into the next Brock Lesnar. Instead of having him put on competitive matches, Reigns should be dominating his opponents with no mercy.

    The level of heat he would get for easily destroying a beloved hero like Shinsuke Nakamura or Sami Zayn would be loud enough to shake the foundation of the arena.

    Think back to the way Lesnar owned Cena during their match at SummerSlam 2014. That is how Reigns should be beating his opponents. It's a guaranteed way to make anyone who is still on the fence about Reigns despise him.

Act Superior and Back It Up

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    Booking Reigns as an unstoppable monster is one thing, but having him tell everyone he is better than they are while backing it up is even better.

    Nobody likes someone who is overly cocky, and they like them even less if the person lives up to their own hype. It's part of what makes a bad guy fun to watch.

    To every non-Bulls fan in the 1990s, Michael Jordan was a villain because he trash-talked his opponents while ruling over a six-championship dynasty. 

    Reigns rarely loses matches, so he can reference his win-loss record without having to inflate it for the sake of bragging about it.

Don't Have Him Cheat

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    Bad guys usually take the low road when they win a match, so fans have a reason to believe their favorite good guy deserved to win and will eventually get revenge.

    The only thing worse than a villain is one who can actually back up their claims without having to resort to using dirty tactics. 

    If WWE turned Reigns full heel but continued to have him win matches clean, it would make him into the most reviled Superstar we have seen in years.

Align Him with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

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    Whether you like it or not, the concept of authority figures in WWE isn't going anywhere. Even if you hate the idea of a heel in charge, its value can't be denied.

    When management decided to have Seth Rollins turn on The Shield, it did so by aligning him with The Authority. It worked perfectly, and it led to fans chanting "You sold out" at Rollins every time he tried to pick up a microphone.

    Reigns could be an even bigger magnet for heat if he partnered with the power couple who was once trying to destroy his entire life.

    The simple explanation would be Reigns realizes he is better off fighting with those in charge instead of against them. It may have been done before, but WWE keeps going back to it because it works.

Have Him Defeat The Rock

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    When Roman Reigns won the Royal Rumble in 2015, WWE tried to get the fans to cheer for him by having The Rock come out and celebrate the victory with him. It failed miserably.

    The Rock is still popular with the WWE Universe, but the love that fans feel for him is not transferable to his family members.

    If WWE wanted to fully invest in a Reigns heel turn, a great way for him to build up more hatred from the crowd would be to defeat his cousin in the middle of the ring.

    Rocky is the kind of performer who would understand the value in putting someone over for the sake of the bigger picture, and he would likely be even more willing to do so if it was for someone from his family tree.

    The icing on the cake would be when Reigns refuses to shake his cousin's hand after the match and just walks away laughing. 

All It Takes Is 1 Promo

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    While Reigns' promo following his win over The Undertaker could be seen as WWE turning the page on his heel turn, it wasn't a complete transition.

    He needs to make it clear he is no longer concerned with what we think of him. With a few simple sentences, The Big Dog could cement himself as the most hated man in the company.

    Think back to when Bret Hart turned heel on Raw before WrestleMania 13. The Hitman had been one of the most popular Superstars in WWE for years, so it was a risky proposition.

    After feeling like he had been screwed out of the WWE Championship in a Cage match with Psycho Sid, Hart unleashed his dark side and went on the kind of profanity-laden rant usually reserved for Steve Austin.

    In one segment, Hart went from the beloved babyface to bitter heel. His turn may have been solidified at WrestleMania when he refused to let Austin out of the Sharpshooter, but the whole thing was kick-started by one promo.

    With the right catalyst to set him off, Reigns could do the same thing to turn himself into the biggest antagonist in the company.

    What do you think it would take to turn Reigns into the biggest heel of all time?