John Cena Meets Young Fan Who Uses Wrestling as Motivation During Therapy

Andrew Gould@AndrewGould4Featured ColumnistMarch 28, 2017

Outside of the wrestling ring, John Cena works tirelessly to back his character's mantra of "hustle, loyalty and respect." The WWE star, who has granted over 500 wishes through Make-A-Wish Foundation, recently took the time to greet a young fan after an event.

In the video above, Justin Marion tells Cena that his son uses wrestling as a motivational tool in physical therapy. 

"You're the reason why he's able to use this arm right here," he said before encouraging his son, Payton, to show Cena his "wrestling arm."

Before meeting his favorite wrestler backstage, Payton witnessed Cena's entrance ringside:

In the first video of their meeting, the father said Cena tossed Payton his shirt and wristband during his match with AJ Styles. Then, in a Reddit thread, he credited Cena's competitor for orchestrating the encounter:

Actually AJ Styles arranged this. He saw us standing around, and asked if we wanted a picture. Of course we said, 'Yes!' Then he asked if we got to see everyone. I told him everyone but my sons favorite, John Cena. He then told us to follow him, and took us backstage to the locker room. That's when he went and got Cena for us!!

Marion also said he's "forever grateful" to Cena for taking a moment after an event to inspire his son.

[Justin Marion, h/t SB Nation's James Dator]