WWE 205 Live Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from February 28

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistMarch 1, 2017

WWE 205 Live Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from February 28

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    Austin Aries interviewing Neville.
    Austin Aries interviewing Neville.Credit: WWE.com

    The cruiserweight division started out slow, but it has picked up a little steam over the past few weeks thanks to the feud between Neville and Jack Gallagher.

    These two British wrestlers are polar opposites, and it has allowed them to create some entertaining segments during their program.

    This week's show only featured two matches, so there was enough time for two non-wrestling segments. The singles bout was average, but the six-man contest took an interesting turn at the halfway point.

    Neville and Gallagher might just steal the show at Fastlane, but for now, let's take a look at everything that happened on this week's episode of 205 Live.

Noam Dar vs. Lince Dorado

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    The first match of the night saw Noam Dar battle Lince Dorado. The luchador has been the most misused Superstar on the roster since 205 Live debuted, but he always puts everything into his performances.

    A flower delivery man came out and gave Alicia Fox a bouquet, so she decided to show her appreciation by eating a few of the petals.

    Too much focus was put on Foxy and her flowers, so the quality of the match suffered a bit. Dar used his usual ground-based offense, but Dorado picked up the pace whenever he was in control.

    The Scottish Supernova finished off The Golden Lynx with a running kick to the head. We know both men are capable of so much more, so this bout was a little disappointing.

    Grade: C-

    Notes and Highlights

    • Dar looks funny trying to put his arm around Foxy because she is so much taller than him.
    • Why was Fox eating the flowers? Is she taking her crazy gimmick to another level?
    • "We want flowers" is one of the most unlikely chants ever heard at a wrestling show.
    • What is the point of Dar and Foxy still being a couple? It's not like Cedric Alexander is trying to get her back anymore, so there is nowhere for this storyline to go.

The Brian Kendrick Confronts Akira Tozawa

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    Austin Aries brought Akira Tozawa to the ring for another one of his exclusive interviews. Before he asks any questions, he shows Tozawa some clips of his interactions with The Brian Kendrick over the past few weeks.

    Tozawa said he wanted a fight right then and there, which brought Kendrick out from the back to ask some of his own questions.

    The former cruiserweight champion wasn't going to battle Tozawa unless it was on his terms. Kendrick did his best in this segment, but he didn't have much to work with.

    Since Tozawa only speaks a little English, Kendrick was forced to do most of the talking. The whole thing came off as awkward and unrehearsed. 

    Grade: D+

    Notes and Highlights

    • Aries is a throwback to the classic heel commentators. He knows he is a bad guy and fully embraces it instead of trying to convince everyone he is a good guy.
    • The crowd's silence during most of this segment seemed to throw Kendrick off a little.
    • It's great to see the crowd taking to Tozawa so quickly. His grunting has caught on more than expected. 

Daivari, Nese and Gulak vs. Perkins, Alexander and Ali

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    Mustafa Ali sends Tony Nese to the corner.
    Mustafa Ali sends Tony Nese to the corner.Credit: WWE.com

    WWE clearly doesn't have anything for the majority of the competitors in the cruiserweight division, so six of them were lumped together for a tag match.

    Tony Nese teamed up with Ariya Daivari and Drew Gulak to take on Alexander, TJ Perkins and Mustafa Ali.

    After a little while, the entire crowd decided it wanted to cheer for the heels and boo the babyfaces. It was strange how everyone somehow decided to do the same thing at the same time.

    The shift ended up making the match a lot more fun during the second half. After everyone contributed to a competitive contest, Nese picked up the win for his team with a running knee to Ali. 

    Gulak, Daivari and Nese have mostly been used to put other people over, so it was a nice surprise to see them score the victory.

    Grade: B+

    Notes and Highlights

    • Daivari might have more appearances on Raw and 205 Live than anyone else in the cruiserweight division, but he also has the most losses.
    • I wonder if the babyfaces intended to coordinate their purple attires or if it was just a coincidence. 
    • Nese showed more aggression when he took out Perkins at ringside than he has in all of his previous matches combined.
    • It felt like the crowd getting more into the match as it went on helped the wrestlers put on a more exciting performance.
    • The match video will be added as soon as WWE uploads it to YouTube.

The King Holds Court

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    The show ended with Neville delivering a promo directed at Gentleman Jack Gallagher. It took all of two minutes before Gallagher joined him in the ring.

    Their last few confrontations ended with fisticuffs, and this segment was no different. Gallagher took the first shot, but Neville was quick to take control.

    The mustachioed mauler forced Neville to retreat into the crowd after hitting a few dropkicks and a vicious headbutt. This wasn't as good as their contract signing, but it was still a good way to end the final show before Fastlane.

    Grade: B-

    Notes and Highlights

    • Does anyone else want to see Gallagher take on Tyler Bate for the United Kingdom Championship? Their similarities would make for some hilarious moments.
    • Another unexpected chant broke out when the crowd started yelling "tea and biscuits" at Neville as a way of taunting him.
    • Most people would sound ridiculous trying to mimic Christian Bale's Batman voice, but Neville makes it work.

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