Norwegians Decide to Play a Game of Football When Drunk, Ends Up a Thriller

Mark Patterson@@MarkPattersonBRUK Staff WriterNovember 21, 2016

Warning: Video contains explicit language.

You like football. You like a drink. But you probably haven't thought of combining the two.

That's the difference between you and the folks at Humornieu in Norway, who put together a game of football with a difference: Be drunk or don't play.

The rules were simple: The team had to reach a certain level of inebriation before they could start, and then, if they scored, they had to have a breathalyser test to establish if they were drunk enough for the goal to stand.

Perhaps the real question is whether the participants could stand. While we would never endorse binge-drinking and then playing sports, we can't pretend we weren't curious as to how this turned out.

The answer is (a) thrilling and (b) probably with some seriously sore heads the next day.