Former Buck Larry Sanders Debuts New Music Video for 'Black Mercedes'

Vanessa de Beaumont@@vanessadebeauContributor IJuly 16, 2016

Warning: Video contains NSFW language. 

Larry Sanders may no longer be cashing NBA checks, but it seems he's found an alternate source of income.

Robbing banks, that is—well, fictional ones.

In his first official music single and video, "Black Mercedes," the former Milwaukee Buck depicts himself as a too-cool character who not only nonchalantly pulls off a huge cash-snatching heist, but also tosses plenty of his bounty to kids in the street. 

And naturally, as the title would indicate, the lyrical short film, written, directed and performed by Sanders himself, provides plenty of luxury-vehicle shots. 

More importantly, however, there are several could-be hints for those who seek a small "Is Sanders returning to the NBA?" conspiracy—from his female companion's military (possibly Cavalier) attire to his Warriors-esque celebration. 

For now, however, Sanders seems to be handling his Association separation just fine.

[YouTube, h/t SLAM]


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