Follow NBA Draft Live with Internet-Famous Aussie Sportswriter

Matt Cleary@journomatclearyFeatured ColumnistJune 23, 2016

Ben Simmons. Kind of a big deal.
Ben Simmons. Kind of a big deal.Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Greetings, the people, the 70th annual NBA draft of these fine United States of America is underway. This is the Big One, the Mega Action Man Auction Event in which bright-eyed, athletic and stupid-tall young fellows come from across the country to be picked like sweet and ripe fruits of the forest. And good luck to them.

I'm Matt Cleary, watching from a couch in Sydney, Australia, and I know very little about basketball much less the rules and mores of your NBA Draft. But the Bleacher People, bless them, have handed me the gig on the back of a blog about 49ers Aussie running man Jarryd Hayne that went a bit silly last year. And while there's been plenty written on the perils of Capitalism, this would not happen in Stalinist North Korea. 

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