Pros and Cons of Dean Ambrose as WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistJune 21, 2016

Dean Ambrose
Dean Ambrosecredit: wwe.com

Dean Ambrose's win at Money in the Bank for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship has the wrestling world buzzing right now. He may have been the favorite of many to win the briefcase, but to cash in on the same night against a newly crowned Seth Rollins?

That part was really only a dream scenario.

But that dream has become reality, of course, as Ambrose is now the man on top of WWE. He took the spot Roman Reigns was enjoying, and he did it with fan approval Reigns just could not get. The question of whether this is best for business has surely been asked.

Just because Ambrose is extremely popular does not mean he should be wearing the gold.

Things may look good now, but has WWE pulled the trigger on Ambrose just because Reigns cannot get over? Has WWE Creative thought this through and weighed all of the good and bad when it comes to trusting the industry's most important championship to a guy whose booking hasn't always been of championship caliber?

Ambrose's run is just beginning, and so is the debate. Fans know there are two sides to every story in WWE, and that is especially true here. Only time will tell if all of this was smart booking, but in the meantime, fans can look at the pros and cons and then decide for themselves.

The Pros

The most obvious pro of Ambrose's title coronation is the fun factor.

Ambrose is just fun to watch. Of all the characters in WWE, he seems the most normal and approachable. He doesn't have the physique of John Cena. He doesn't have the over-the-top ego of Seth Rollins. He also doesn't have a main event spot he seemed destined to get like Reigns.

Ambrose just gets in the ring and has a blast.

He never seems to have an agenda. He never really has a plan. And that makes him different from everyone else. He's just flying blind, and he loves every minute of it. After watching Reigns struggle to get over for the past year, Ambrose's title win is an incredibly refreshing change of pace.

There's nothing not to like about Ambrose.

"Refreshing" is the key word here, of course, as Ambrose is not Reigns. For many, that is more than enough reason to celebrate.

Roman Reigns
Roman Reignscredit: wwe.com

Reigns being out of WWE's top spot is definitely a pro for many of the WWE faithful. He's not been able to gain any measure of full crowd support, and every time he tries, it's painfully obvious. He may be the company's chosen one, but fans arguably never wanted him.

Another great aspect of Ambrose's ascension to the throne is that it's practically a guaranteed winner.

Like CM Punk during his rise in 2011, Ambrose has the love of fans who are tired of the same old thing. Reigns is the Cena of Ambrose's story, the guy who gave so many haters more than enough motivation to boo and then turn the channel.

Ambrose offers something new.

He has intensity, he has charisma, and he has the ability to connect in ways that the supposed chosen one can't. Ambrose is the people's choice, the man who worked his way up in the business and finally reached the top. 

He is the blue-collar champion, the everyman who made something of himself. Ambrose gives fans what they want simply by being himself. How could giving him the championship be anything other than a great idea?

The Cons

Ambrose may be fun, but his booking is scary.

From Bray Wyatt to Brock Lesnar, Ambrose has seen his fair share of losses. Every time he seemed to be on the right track, something happened to push him back a step. While Rollins was riding high as champ and Reigns was trying to chase him down, Ambrose was trying to get a win.

It seemed as though he would be the least successful Shield member.

How could anyone following WWE have any faith in what the company is doing with Ambrose now? He had little to no direction leading up to WrestleMania 32, and he had even less afterward. He was working at the midcard and doing well in terms of his ring work, but to believe that he's suddenly world championship material?

His supporters may have always believed that, but WWE apparently did not until now.

The fact is, Ambrose is not the face of the company. That title still belongs to Cena and will eventually belong to Reigns. Ambrose is likely nothing more than a placeholder, a way to generate fan interest in Battleground, and he's done just that.

To support Ambrose as champ is to fight for a lost cause.

The worst part about this new title run is that WWE simply will not support it. Fans may believe differently, but the first moment Lesnar wants a shot at the belt, he's going to get it. If Ambrose happens to be the man holding it, he will lose the match.

The moment Reigns begins to gain a real foothold with the crowd, he's going to get the belt back. If Ambrose is the man wearing it, he will lose the match.

WWE likely does not have the desire to fully invest in him the way it has with Reigns, and that probably isn't changing anytime soon. WWE put the title on Ambrose because it needed a major main event for Battleground.

But when Ambrose loses the belt, he will probably go right back where he was before, and that's not a win for anyone.

Ambrose may be over, but that is not enough to keep him at the top. 

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