Cavaliers Players Continue to Have Fun with Kevin Love, Wear Lil' Kev Masks

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistMay 19, 2016
Alysha Tsuji @AlyshaTsuji

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There's no question which advertisement is the biggest hit with the Cleveland Cavaliers at the moment: a Tommy Bahama ad featuring a model dubbed "Lil' Kev."

According to ESPN.com's Dave McMenamin, the craze started on a team flight, when Cleveland veteran Richard Jefferson noticed that a model in a magazine ad resembled Cavaliers forward Kevin Love. It's important to note that Love's State Farm commercial, "The Hoopers," gave his teammates the inspiration for the nickname.

It doesn't matter that Love isn't in the Tommy Bahama ad. The uncanny resemblance was enough for the team to have some fun with it.

Jefferson ripped the ad out of the magazine and "just started doing weird s--t with it." The rest of the Cavaliers apparently loved the idea and got in on the shenanigans.

Now, Lil' Kev masks are a thing, and so are Lil' Kev T-shirts.

And yes, because it's 2016, Lil' Kev even has a social media page:

For those who think the Cavaliers should focus on basketball rather than this sideshow, Cleveland is 9-0 in the postseason thus far. Perhaps this craze has brought the team together and is helping the chemistry both on and off the court.

Wouldn't it be something if the Cavs won the championship and all of the players pulled out Lil' Kev masks while on stage with the trophy?

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