Raptors Brass Predict 50 Wins at Media Day!

Stephen Brotherston@@ProBballNBAAnalyst ISeptember 30, 2009

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On Monday the Raptors offered the uninvited fans and bloggers a chance to participate in Media Day via a "Live Chat" on Raptors.com.  Starting at about 12:30pm and running until 3pm.

Perhaps the high point of the Toronto Raptors Media Day Live Chat was when the Raptors Moderator, Jay Satur, filling in time between guests made his call for the number of wins fans should be expecting from this season’s Raptors—50!  Hey Bryan we’ll be holding the entire organization to this until we hear otherwise!

What we didn't know as we followed on-line was, Bryan Colangelo, giving interviews in the same building, was saying the same things!

Bruce Arthur, National Post got this quote:

“If you look and say what’s it going to take to be a fourth or fifth seed, I think you’ve got to be at a minimum of 50 games,” Colangelo says, finally wrapping up. “So are you shooting for a target of 50 games? Yeah, I think that’s what we should be realistically looking at.”

Read more: http://www.nationalpost.com/sports/story.html?id=2044306#ixzz0SYaN3lJ0

Apparently Colangelo is so excited about this year's team that he tossed caution to the wind and let everyone know that the organization's goal is to get fourth or fifth place and 50 wins!

In a highly moderated on-line session that even posted a number of complaints about the inability to get the audience’s questions posted, there were some interesting gems of information to be had.  Assuming of course one could stick out the two and a half hours of steaming type going across one’s screen.

Our moderator started out the session confirming that yes, the Raptors will be in the post season this year!

Then we heard that DeMar DeRozan has indeed bulked up over the summer and that Chris Bosh’s injury is minor.

Our Moderator’s first guest was Jarrett Jack whose big comment related to leaving all his summer clothes at home.

Sonny Weems was up next.

Sonny is wearing number 24 because his sister wanted him to wear the same number as her (Okay.)  Sonny has been the most impressed by Patrick O’Bryant so far. “he’s a real good player.”  (Sonny did play d-league last year)

Sonny has been working on his three-ball this summer but promises to throw down a two-handed windmill first chance he gets.   Sonny promised us a show at the first preseason game.

Patrick O’Bryant joined the conversation next.  Patrick tells us that he can score, defend, run, rebound, block shots and his nickname is “POB”.  POB gained 8-10 lbs this summer.  But unfortunately POB tells us he still gets winded and needs to work on his conditioning  (That’s been the same since college).

Quincy Douby sees his role on the Raptors to be an energy boost off the bench.  He sees himself playing either guard spot  (How about please coach, let me play.)

Quincy was impressed with Chris Bosh and the weight he’s put on and says he’s even harder to guard now.  Over the summer Quincy has worked on being more of a passer (Good decision.)

Next up, Reggie Evans sees himself as the enforcer type.  He got his toughness from living in the projects and his high school coach.  Reggie says the toughest player he’s faced was Earl Boykins?  (Reggie’s nickname is “The Joker”.)

Marco Belinelli joins the chat saying he’s happy to be here with Andrea Bargnani.

Marco picked the number “0” because this is a new life for him.  Marco seems happy to be here.  He’s found a good restaurant near him called Dimmi (There were quite of few “lifestyle” questions during the Chat.)

Next was Andrea Bargnani.  First question was are you going to make the all-star team to which Andrea says “That’s the dream for everybody.”  He says he’s been working on his low post game and rebounding this summer.  AB has added about 8 lbs this summer, up to 260 lbs now.  Says Reggie and Rasho are making him better. 

An interesting comment was that Andrea sees himself and Chris as interchangeable now.

A picture of Jay Satur sitting beside AB brings the comment “you look like you’re 12”, to which Jay says “you try sitting next to a 7 footer”.  (Sorry Jay, you looked like you were 12!)

Then Jay, waiting for the next guest, calls for 50 wins by the Raptors.

Jose Calderon joined the chat to say he worked on getting healthy this summer.  Got pulled away and Amir Johnson stepped in to say he’s ready, it’s a contract year.

Amir’s number 15 was his high school number.  Amir been working on his jump shot.  Said eating Taco Bell made him grow those extra inches tall. (plug?)  Can’t wait to shut everyone up who’s been saying the Raps aren’t any good.

Confirms that he, Amir Johnson, is the funniest Raptor!

Our Moderator says it’s a tough call between Amir and Reggie for who’s the funniest.

Jose returns to say he’s feeling better than ever and excited because he’s healthy again.  Jose’s been wearing number eight since he was a kid.

DeMar DeRozan comes in to say he loves the city.  Says he’s been in the weight room all summer.  Promises him and Sonny will have some tricks for us during preseason.

DeMar says he can make his head touch the rim (which would be a lot higher than he tested at pre-draft camp,closer to VC type hops, good news.)

Matt Devlin stops by to give his ROY pick as Blake Griffin.  Matt also believes that the Raps are a playoff team, possibly as high as four or five.  Matt thinks DeMar will get his chance to start and Reggie is going to be a force inside.

The on-line session wraps up without Chris Bosh or the coaches or Bryan Colangelo.  It was long with a lot of details for the die-hard fan who wants to go on-line still at Raptors.com and read them.

Definitely some frustration from not being able to get “real” questions answered, reading a number of “l love you” comments from the fans and learning about the players’ restaurant choices and video games instead.

But a lot of fans followed the Chat for the whole two and a half hours and in the end; one should give Jay Satur credit for running a successful live chat on behalf of our Raptors.

So, it's been confirmed fourth or fifth in the East and 50 wins Raptors, it’s been marked down and we’re holding you to it!


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