Something Is a Muck in Blueland

Andrew BuccellatoContributor ISeptember 29, 2009

ATLANTA - SEPTEMBER 21:  Ilya Kovalchuk #17 of the Atlanta Thrashers against the Carolina Hurricanes during a preseason game at Philips Arena on September 21, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

So the Thrashers released two players who I thought would be very smart to have for the first part of the season, specifically the five-game road trip, Manny Legace and Mr. Fristche. I think the reason for my concern is that they are both known to be excellent on the PK (which is obviously less than stellar for our boys in blue).

My other reason for concern is not wanting to be in '07-'08 again. Going 0-6 and firing a head coach because we just look that bad. It's very possible that the kind of rookie Pavlec could have one of his trademark meltdowns, throw a hissy fit, and be shipped back to Chicago with Moose and someone else taking the reigns.

Now, one questiosn still looms over my head that I am curious about. Is Kari actually healing faster than we think and the team is trying to hide it so that it surprises everyone? I know it seems odd and maybe even impossible but let me offer you this:

We are back to the three-goalie dilemma we had at the end of last season and the summer. Which means one goalie is going to either have to:
a) move to the press box
b) be a cornerstone in a trade or
c) go to Chicago in minors (and two, Kari and Moose, have one way contracts)

Now with that being said, two of those options require Kari and Ondrej both being able to play (a and b). If Kari is not ready to play, logically, we would have Legace in the minors as a backup if Ondrej can't handle the job (if Ondrej fails then turn the reins to Moose and call up Legace ).

Now that Legace is gone, one has to think Kari is starting the year in Chicago for two games to get his feet wet, then meeting the team on the road for the trip or will be ready for opening night.

I know this might be some rambling, but I am sure every Thrashers fan is trying to figure out what the D-Dub and R-Dud were thinking on this one. Obviously, they are privileged to information we are not, but something seems a bit curious for a cut like this to happen when Pavlec had only one decent showing this preseason.

I really do wonder what is going on in that office.

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