Odell Beckham Jr. Reveals He's Rooming with Drake While Rapper Works on Album

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistApril 7, 2016

via DraftKings

Drake and Odell Beckham Jr. are among the best at what they do, so it's no surprise that real recognizes real.

It may be of interest to fans, though, that the two stars are roomies.

In a "Face 2 Face" feature for DraftKings, Beckham and UFC star Ronda Rousey chatted about some of their most noteworthy photos. In one of Beckham's photos, he was hanging out with Drake, and that's when (around the 3:30 mark) Beckham revealed he's been staying at Drizzy's house while the rapper works on his next album, Views from the 6.

No big deal or anything.

While the rapper has been dropping bars, the New York Giants star has been putting in work as well, via NFL UK:

Some may have noticed that Beckham and Drake have each posted photos on Instagram from time to time of their hangouts. Now, we find out that they hang out even more than we previously thought.

[DraftKings, h/t Complex]

Update: Tuesday, April 12

Not only is Odell Beckham Jr. rooming with Drake, but he's apparently using his backyard as his own personal dance studio. Those moves though.


Off-season with @OBJ_3... Working out with a tennis ball at @Drake's house. 🎾 Casual. https://t.co/Iokl6qS8md

Also, Rob Gronkowski stopped by. Is anyone even surprised? This year Gronk hosted a party cruise—next year, jumpsuit party.

[YouTube, Instagram]

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