Robert Rowell, Humor Doesn't Suit You: Warriors Fans Aren't Idiots

Steven ResnickSenior Writer ISeptember 28, 2009

Robert Rowell must think Golden State Warriors fans are either idiots, drunk, or asleep at the wheel because Rowell's latest comments in regards to the Stephen Jackson situation were some the funniest things I've ever read.

Supposedly, according to the Yahoo article written by Janie McCauley, Rowell told Jackson he's committed to fielding a winning team.

Really, Mr. Rowell? You are claiming that you are fielding a winning team? May I ask, on what planet?

Mr. Rowell, weren't you the one who talked your team's owner, Chris Cohan, out of signing Baron Davis?

Weren't you also the person who overshadowed the best general manager the Warriors have had in a long time, making him just a figurehead?

Weren't you also the one who hired Larry Riley as GM? Who in his tenure traded Jamal Crawford and Marco Belinelli for nobodies?

Yes, Mr. Rowell, it sounds like you really are planning on fielding a winning team!

Also, Mr. Rowell, weren't you the one who extended Don Nelson's contract just so he could stay with the Warriors long enough to surpass Lenny Wilkens?

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Aren't you also the person responsible for having Jason Richardson traded in the offseason after the Warriors had finally made the postseason and upset the No. 1 seeded Dallas Mavericks?

Mr. Rowell, weren't you the one who caused the rift between Monta Ellis and the Warriors' organization because you wanted to void his contract?

Why is it that all of the recent moves you've made for the Warriors have been nowhere near positive? In fact, most of your decisions have yielded completely negative results.

Also, what about the fact that there was a recent article that claimed no free agent wants to go to Golden State, even though the Warriors are home to the best fans in the NBA?

It's sad that after the Warriors began to show signs of creating a winning culture, you and your boss seem to be dismantling their progress.

Mr. Rowell, when you talk to the media and you dare to say that you are going to field a winning team, please come back to reality and see that you have done nothing to field a winning team this offseason.

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