No One Blames Stephen Jackson for Wanting out of Golden State!

Steven ResnickSenior Writer ISeptember 27, 2009

DALLAS - JANUARY 28:  Stephen Jackson #1 of the Golden State Warriors during play against the Dallas Mavericks on January 28, 2008 at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.  NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Stephen Jackson wants to win! Who can blame him? When you're in the NBA your ultimate goal is to get that championship ring and right now Stephen Jackson realizes that the Golden State team he is on doesn't really possess the winning tradition or the capabilities of even competing for a playoff spot this year.

Yes, there are some exciting players on the team such as Monta Ellis, Anthony Randolph, Stephen Curry, and Andris Biedrins. You could even argue Brandan Wright if he could stay healthy.

With that, though, there's a lot of ups and downs for this Warriors team. What doesn't help is the fact that the Golden State Warriors front office is clueless and it starts from the top.

Chris Cohan is the second-worst owner in basketball. Team President Robert Rowell is just an absolute moron! GM Larry Riley is best friends with Don Nelson, so anything Nelson wants, Riley will give it to him.

You've also got to realize that because of Rowell, the Warriors were not able to re-sign Baron Davis. What's sad is that the Warriors were just on the verge of being a solid team that could be a playoff contender.

After the 48-win season of 2007-2008 Warriors fans had hope for the team. Yet, when Davis didn't sign and then the Monta Ellis injury in the off-season it was right back to square one for the Warriors.

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Yet, even worse was the fact that Chris Mullin arguably the best GM the Warriors have had in recent memory was all but run out of town. Don Nelson began destroying the team again. 

Rowell is keeping Nelson around because he wants Nelson to surpass Lenny Wilkens for most wins in NBA history as a coach.

Even with Jackson requesting a trade, Nelson says that Jackson is still the captain of the team, but also stated that if the Warriors found something that fit that Jackson would be traded.

Since when has Nelson become the general manager?

Also let's take a look at our new GM, Riley! So, far this off-season he's done worse than Gary St. Jean and that's saying something.

The Warriors traded a 20-point scorer for practically nobody. Riley traded Marco Belinelli to the Raptors for Devean George who won't see much action if at all for the Warriors.

Oh the Warriors brought back Calbert Cheaney to help out in the front office. Wow! What a move! Got to applaud the Warriors on that one.

It's no wonder why Jackson wants out of there even if he did go up to Rowell to get his contract extension. Jackson is not stupid, he knows that the Warriors have very little hope to turn it around very quickly.

In fact, it's been stated he would want to be traded to any of the three teams in Texas.

So, let's examine the possibility. There's no way the Warriors are trading with Dallas, not after the Don Nelson and Mark Cuban misunderstanding. So, that leaves Houston and San Antonio.

If the Warriors were to make a trade with Houston, they would have to bring in someone to replace Jackson, who is the best defender on the team and the Warriors also need a point guard. 

Basically a trade of Jackson and a pick to the Rockets for Trevor Ariza and Aaron Brooks, which won't happen.

The other trade possibility is with the San Antonio Spurs. That would be an interesting one though. Jackson and a pick traded to the Spurs for Richard Jefferson, Michael Finley and DeJuan Blair.

It's just that the Warriors are going to have a hard time trading Jackson and getting anything decent in return. There's no way that the Warriors would cut salary and bring in expiring contracts in hopes of bringing in LeBron James, because it won't happen.

But really, in all honesty, you can't blame Jackson for wanting out!

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