Paige, Charlotte and WWE Diva Power Rankings for the Week of November 18

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistNovember 18, 2015

Paige, Charlotte and WWE Diva Power Rankings for the Week of November 18

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    It had been a relatively quiet week for the WWE Divas prior to the November 16 episode of Raw. Then, for the first time since Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon tangled a year ago, two women headlined the show with a contract signing that put the final touches on the hype for Survivor Series and that night's Divas Championship bout.

    Paige and Charlotte were part of a majorly controversial segment that invoked the memory of the latter's late brother Reid while simultaneously engaging in one last major brawl to put adequate heat on their impending championship clash.

    Elsewhere in the WWE Universe, the NXT Divas made headlines, thanks to the first hint of things to come in the women's division.

    Bayley and Alexa Bliss locked up in a Six-Person Tag Team match, but it was the teased union of Eva Marie and Nia Jax that captured the attention of fans.

    With two huge title bouts on the horizon (Charlotte-Paige, Bayley-Bliss), the coming week promises to be a huge one for the women of World Wrestling Entertainment.

    Who enters the next seven days at the top of this week's Divas power rankings, with their placement based on win-loss record, as well as significance of their matches and vignettes?

    Find out now.

10. Nia Jax

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    Last Week: N/A

    Nia Jax not only returned to the squared circle with another dominant victory, this one over newcomer Deonna, but she also found herself in two brief backstage encounters that could well shape the state of women's wrestling in NXT for months to come.

    First, Jax was approached by Eva Marie, who made it clear that she wanted to talk business. While no one knows what went down in their private meeting, WWE booking history suggests that the All Red Everything Diva may acquire the services of the dominant rookie as she chases the NXT Women's Championship.

    Later, Jax interrupted a backstage attack by Alexa Bliss on Bayley, briefly grasping the title before handing it back to the rightful champion. It was a warning of sorts, as if to say that she could take it away at any point and the only reason Bayley was holding it was because she, Jax, allowed it.

    Where she goes from here is a mystery as of this moment, but it appears as though The Rock's cousin is primed for a big close to 2015 and an even more monumental 2016.ย 

9. Eva Marie

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    Last Week: 10

    Eva Marie is a master manipulator, and she proved as much last Wednesday night on NXT when she stopped Nia Jax and requested a meeting with her, presumably to acquire her services as the star ofย Total Divasย chases championship gold.

    There was no other appearance by Eva on the show, but there did not have to be. She planted the seeds for a major angle going forward and, just one week earlier, had made it clear following her victory over Gionna Daddio that she wants to feel the glory that comes with capturing the women's title.

    The potential in being the Shawn Michaels to Nia Jax's Diesel is ample. While she may not be the world's greatest wrestler at this point, Eva Marie has the charisma and star power necessary to be a force in women's wrestling in NXT. In order to do so, she needs a heater, someone who can help transfer some of their heat to her, rather than enter the squared circle to endure the hatred of the fans on her own.

8. Asuka

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    Last Week: 7

    Having the week off hurt Asuka's placing in these rankings, dropping her one spot from No. 7 to 8.

    For weeks, the talk surrounding Asuka has centered on Emma and a feud between the two. Unfortunately, very little in the way of progress has been made. Instead, there has been a great deal of talking on the part of Emma and Dana Brooke.

    There has been no big angle or real evolution of the feud.

    Asuka's performances have been outstanding to this point. There was no denying her in-ring work, but her character development and in-ring charisma have improved with every outing. At some point, though, she needs to be part of something meaningful or risk becoming yet another NXT star to gradually lose heat thanks to repetitive squash matches.

    She will likely have her showdown with Emma in London when NXT TakeOver emanates from the United Kingdom. Hopefully, something happens to put over the feud before then.

7. Alexa Bliss

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    Last Week: 8

    Alexa Bliss has developed into quite the vile vixen since turning heel, and that was once again on display last Wednesday night on NXT.

    Sensing that things were not going the way she and her tag team partners Blake and Murphy had wanted, Bliss bailed from the ring and grabbed hold of the NXT Women's Championship, taking off with Bayley's title and infuriating the champion.

    Bliss returned the title to her rival but delivered a sneak attack that was cut off only by the sudden appearance of Nia Jax.

    Now, on the November 18 episode of NXT, Bliss will have the opportunity to capture that same title by beating Bayley and asserting her dominance over the women's division.

    If she does, she will complete a monumental six months. If not, she could find herself at the back of the line and in a free fall in these rankings.

6. Sasha Banks

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    Last Week: 6

    The Boss' spot in these rankings remains stagnant, thanks to a lack of attention paid to her by WWE Creative over the last week.

    With the roster spread thin because of the two separate tours of Europe, she was not in a position to appear on SmackDown, nor did she make her presence felt on the November 16 episode of Raw.

    How WWE Creative has allowed someone so incredibly talented, one of the best wrestlers in the world in 2015, to wallow away in mediocrity without anything interesting to do is a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

    Banks' feud with Natalya has stalled, thanks to the lack of television time for either Diva this week, but it should pick up in the days following Survivor Series.

    If not, the most celebrated Diva of 2015 could find herself stuck in limbo as management continues to shine the spotlight on the Paige-Charlotte feud.

5. Becky Lynch

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    Last Week: 5

    Becky Lynch, like countless others on this week's top 10, failed to progress or regress thanks to nonexistent television time.

    WWE kept the Irish-born Diva off television this week, presumably to sell the effects of the attack she suffered at the hands of Paige following her victory over the Brit last week on Raw.

    With that said, Paige's comments about Charlotte always trusting that others have her back when, in reality, they do not could very well be hinting at betrayal from Lynch.

    If that is the case, the she could see her productivity and presence on WWE television increase significantly in the wake of Survivor Series.

4. Natalya

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    Last Week: 4

    The last time fans saw Natalya, she was on the receiving end of a humiliating beatdown at the hands of Team B.A.D.

    She did not appear on television over the last week but was a major part of WWE's tour of Europe, entertaining fans across the continent.

    Her rivalry with Sasha Banks, Tamina and Naomi should continue to make for some quality television, so long as it has not been dropped. If that is the case, Natalya could unfortunately fall into obscurity once more. If not, she could be on the verge of yet another breakout as one of the perennial babyface Divas on the roster.

3. Charlotte

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    Last Week: 3

    Charlotte still has not wrestled a match on WWE TV in weeks, but her presence in the main event angle of Raw secured her spot from last week's rankings.

    The Divas champion struggled on the mic as WWE Creative opted to expose her weaknesses in an overly long promo segment. Fortunately, she recovered nicely, unleashing anger and fury on Paige in a brawl that erupted following her rival's comments about Charlotte's deceased younger brother.

    The second-generation Diva showed great emotion when angry but really struggled elsewhere, proving to management and her harshest critics that she is far from the polished product that Sasha Banks is. In order for her to really be taken seriously as the future of the Divas division over someone who is clearly more talented, it will be up to WWE Creative not to put her in positions where her flaws are showcased in such high-profile situations.

2. Bayley

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    Last Week: 2

    Bayley had another fantastic week as NXT women's champion, teaming with Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley to defeat Alexa Bliss, Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake.

    In the process, she was greeted with a huge "Hey, we want some Bayley" chant by the NXT faithful, and then she blasted Murphy with her Bayley-to-Belly suplex finisher.

    Sure, she ended up on the ground following a cheap shot from Alexa Bliss and even had her reign as champion threatened during a non-verbal confrontation with Nia Jax, but she was clearly the Diva that the entire division revolves around.

    Among the most popular stars in all of NXT, she is one of the faces of the brand. Had it not been for the performance of the one woman ranked ahead of her this week, she would have been at the top of the class.

1. Paige

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    Last Week: 1

    The Anti-Diva made headlines Monday night by evoking the name of Reid Flair during Raw's contract signing, negatively speaking of the younger brother of Divas champion Charlotte and instigating a brawl that she came out on the loser's end of.

    But in the process, she proved that she could manipulate the emotions of the champion and evoke an anger within her that Paige can exploit this Sunday at Survivor Series.

    While Charlotte struggled with the extended promo time, Paige appeared to be right at home, using her sarcasm and natural charisma to carry the entire segment on her back.

    A solid talker and an even better worker, she does not get the credit she deserves for her place in the Divas Revolution and the fact that she instigated it during her time in NXT.

    Now, she will have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of her labor when she meets Charlotte in a title match this coming weekend that has a ton of momentum and raw emotion behind it.