Vince Carter Gets Stuffed by the Rim on Transition Dunk Attempt vs. Rockets

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistOctober 7, 2015

via Vine

Less than a week after showing he still had some hops, the 38-year-old Vince Carter had Father Time catch up to him at a bad time Tuesday night.

During the Memphis Grizzlies' preseason game against the Houston Rockets, Carter attempted to throw down a slam with his right hand. However, the 6'6" Grizzlies guard didn't get high enough off the ground to dunk and ended up getting stuffed by the rim.

You read that right. Vince Carter, aka Vinsanity, got stuffed by the rim on a dunk attempt.

That rare occurrence got Twitter going:

Gordon Gekko @ConnorG813

Vince Carter just got hung by the rim 😔

⚽️🍻Sebastian Giodrinko🍻⚽️ @HydeParkSwag

Vince Carter getting hung on the front of the rim killed a little bit of my soul.

Again, it was just last week the 17-year veteran showed he still had some bounce left in his legs:

TheMikeKelley @TheMikeKelley

@Rockets_Social that's Vince Carter who has cable

So, sometime in the last week, Carter lost his hops. Let's hope he gets his bounce back and goes after every rim to avenge this rejection.

[Vine, Twitter]


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