Agent Zero: Can Gilbert Arenas Finally Play More Than He Talks?

Benjamin BaroffCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2009

Gilbert Arenas played two games last season. And he's talking as if he was the All-Star Game MVP.  

"They should have held me back" Arenas said today.  

Gilbert? Held you back from what? Yourself? Laughable! 

Arenas is the same guy that shunned all Wizards medical advice over the past two seasons, saying he could take care of himself. Do his own rehab, get back to his level on his own.

So the Wizards listened to their superstar. He could handle it. Right? 

Obviously wrong.  

Gilbert has failed his two attempted comebacks the past two NBA seasons, one for a late-season playoff push in '07-'08. The other being what might have well been a "I'm still part of the team" stint lasting for two games last spring.  

So Agent Zero (might stand for zero leadership, teamwork, or trust—I'm still figuring it out) went out and hired one of the best trainers in the NBA, Tim Grover. 

Grover has worked with some of the NBA's biggest stars, and most frequent visitors of the IR. Namely, Dwayne Wade, Tracy Mcgrady, and OJ Mayo.  

Grover is supporting Gilbert when he makes the claim the was seriously injured because the Wizards rushed him back. He pointed out that while Gilbert's injury was not career-threatening, it was a 7 or 8 on a scale to 10. But he knows what he's doing.  

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So Gilbert is back, feeling better than ever. He's stronger, faster, and more explosive than he's ever been. In your face, entire Wizard's organization! Ha! 

Really, Gilbert? We know you're a great player. You couldn't have just gone out there and proved to us you are healthy with your All-Star play? You couldn't wait until you knew for sure that you could withstand the intensity of the NBA again?  

It's like when you get a pair of new shoes and you just can't wait to wear them. You have to wear them out that very night in the rain. You know what's going to happen: The shoes are going to get dirty.  

And this is exactly what might happen to Gilbert. If it does, we won't be seeing Gilbert on the All-Star team, let alone his preference of All-League, let alone the playoffs (where you become something).  

Gilbert's a fun player, a great athlete, and a heck of a scorer. But his priorities have been, and still seem to be, his image.  

Maybe this season Gilbert will decide to work on his team's image instead of his own.


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