Sasha Pavlovic Signs With Minnesota: How Will the New Timberwolf Howl?

Timber WolfAnalyst IISeptember 16, 2009

With the very exciting signing of Ramon Sessions, we are now just finding out that a former Cleveland Cavalier in Sasha Pavlovic has been signed by the Minnesota Timberwolves in a Yahoo rumor.

Sasha Pavlovic was traded from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Phoenix Suns, which he was then waived by them, thus giving the Minnesota Timberwolves an opportunity to sign him.

Sasha Pavlovic is a 6'7'' SG/SF, who barely received minutes behind Delonte West, and of course the alpha mega LeBron James.

This adds another wing player to the roster, who will compete for minutes with Wayne Ellington, Corey Brewer, Ryan Gomes, Damien Wilkins and Ramon Sessions.

Now that we have added another wing, this almost finalizes the roster for training camp.

Now that we've gotton that down, let's get into Pavlovic.

A few good games:

  1. 20 Points, 3 Rebounds, 2 Assists and 1 Steal shooting 3-5 3 pointers, and 9-18 overall.
  2. 16 Points, 2 Assists and 2 Rebounds shooting 3-5 three pointers and 6-9 overall.
  3. 19 Points, 6 Rebounds, 2 Steals and 1 Assist shooting 4-4 three pointers and 7-10 overall.
  4. 15 Points, 2 Rebounds and 1 Assist shooting 3-5 three pointers and 6-8 overall.



A sweet shooting young Serbian swingman who was beginning to hit his stride as a player before a holdout delayed his 2007-2008 season debut. Possesses deceptive athleticism, but could stand to add more muscle to his frame.

Lack of consistency is indicative of his lack of maturity. Still has some things in his game to iron out. Shows good defensive effort, but needs to be more focused on the offensive end. Improvements as a Cavalier garnered him a three year deal in 2007.


Gets thirty percent of his touches from spot up situations and another thirty from transition and isolation opportunities. Had a great year in 2007, but has yet to find consistent success. Is deceptively quick and athletic. Can play above the rim. Does a good job of driving to the rim, but doesn’t have the creativity to finish at a high clip.

Isn’t going to shoot a great percentage off the dribble. Can put up big numbers when he gets going. Will have a hard time scoring against physical defenders. Decent ball handler, but can be pushed off the ball. Has a nice spin move.

Gets a bit overzealous off the dribble at times. Makes some bad passes that get deflected too easily when he dribbles into trouble.


Is one of the better perimeter defenders on the Cavaliers roster. Consistently gives a good effort. Gets in a low stance and moves his feet well. Doesn’t box out very well or rebound the ball at a reasonable clip for his position.

Plays passing lanes pretty well. Commits a few too many fouls for a wing. Needs to cut down on his reaching. Does not guard the post very well.

Statistics: 4.6 Points, 1.9 Rebounds, 1.1 Assists shooting 42% from the field, and 41% from 3-point line.

How Does He Howl?

The Wolves were in a desperate need for a young wing player, and while there were not many out there available, it has been reported that Pavlovic has been signed for a one year deal worth 1.5 million.


Sasha Pavlovic is a great perimeter defender, and he gives a good effort despite it being inevitable at times.

The Timberwolves have Corey Brewer who is a great perimeter defender, and with Pavlovic now joining the Wolves, he now has an opportunity to showcase defense in some situations with Corey Brewer at the 2 or the 3, meaning the wings are going to be potentially locked down.

If you play Sessions, Brewer and Pavlovic at the same time, it gives you incredible defense in situations where the Wolves need stops. He helps the Wolves defensively.


A complete athlete. He has a knack for dunking and playing above the rim. When it comes to his drives to the basket, he also uses creativity that he probably learned from the best player in Serbia (joke).

Sasha shot over 40% from the 3-point line, and given the fact that the team has a true ball handling point guard that can dish the ball off, Sasha should get plenty of looks from behind the arc. Meaning that he makes the Wolves a slightly better 3 point shooting team.


If this rumor is true, and most likely it is, I like the signing. It keeps the Wolves young, it gives them a little bit of everything, it gives the Wolves more potential, and most of all it doesn't damage our cap for 2010's free agency.

Sasha will most likely backup Ryan Gomes or compete with Ryan Gomes for minutes, thus giving Corey Brewer a chance to start at SG or compete with Ellington for minutes. Does he make us a better team?

Considering the fact that we were very weak in depth with our wings? I'd say you can give the Wolves 2 to 4 more wins because of this signing.

Don't forget, we still have Jefferson, Love, and Sessions who are proven impact players. It's just a matter of Brewer, Gomes, Flynn, Ellington, and Pavlovic that can show just "how" many wins the Wolves will get. I'm pushing for at the VERY LEAST: 30

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