Pitch Perfect: The First Cricket Writers Awards Ceremony

Dann KhanAnalyst ISeptember 13, 2009

And finally we reach the time when we declare the awards. For those who do not know, awards were introduced for cricket writers by me a month ago. You can check it out here.

But before I finally announce the winners, I would ask you all to read patiently and not  go and look at the results immediately.

It is because I want to give you a small report about the month that has just gone by. I think it is very important we look at how we have fared.

Our community had over 50 articles releasing between Aug. 15 and Sept. 9, the period during which the articles were considered. Most of them were fairly well-written and had decent content. But there were a few problems.

1) A very good number of them were about the Ashes, and we often ended up reading the same thing 10 times. So it is important that we do not get so carried away by one big series and look to give in our inputs about things that are less popular too.

2) Many of us just started reporting matches. I think it should be clear that we do not look to only report. We are not cricinfo, which tells you what happened every match. We are all intelligent minds who think about cricket.

So it is important that we also look to write about broader issues of cricket and what we think of the game. But we can report at the same time. That is also important. So a balance has to be struck.

3) We still are not doing too well on the reading and commenting front. We have had a few guys trying, but all of us need to read what others write and share our thoughts with them. This is the only way we actually grow.

I do not mean to tell anyone that you are bad. But it is important that we look at a few crucial things.

Other then this......I AM REALLY HAPPY!

Life is back into this section and all for you have worked very hard and have looked to take the section to new heights with sound bases. Keep up the good work. It is very encouraging to see writers responding so well to a call I made last month.

It is always nice to know that people back you, and I am very happy that my first step as a Community Leader has led to some success. 

And now, we come to the Awards.

We start with the Most read piece of the month. I am not going to go on and on about this one. It was a fairly easy choice. It goes to Kaustubh Chaturvedi! For his slide show The 10 Greatest Run Machines of All Time.

What all of you don't know, is that this is Kaustubh's very first piece on Bleacher Report. Well done, Kaustubh, we wish you a great time on BR. The article stands at 427 reads.

The next one in the line is The most commented piece on the month. This goes to Goutham Chakravarthi! Another person who made his debut this month.

Goutham got this award for his Shane Warne: A Phenomenal Leader. Thanks for raising this debate, mate. The article stands at 40 comments.

We move on to the next award. The Comment maker of the month. This was something that I personally valued a lot. It was tough to choose, not only because of what I have mentioned in the beginning of the this article, but also because the the people who would be considered, were very closely in competition.

Finally, it had to go to both of the main contenders: Mark Bateman and Adam Dennehey! Both of them have given some very good inputs to other writers and there comments show that they have look to learn from others and help others learn too. Thanks a lot guys. We just hope we get a lot more comments from you. Mark has also made his debut this month.

After this, the next category is The most interactive person. Anyone who has been an all-rounder. He has commented a bit, written a bit and has been good. And this has gone to Goutham Chakravarthi again!

Very well done. Within his first month, he has really looked to get into the the thick of things and has been helpful in every possible way. Congratulations, mate!

The next Award is The most prolific writer of the month. For this awards, quantity was the main criterion but quality was given a some consideration. Finally we had Vishrut Aggarwal and Omer Jawed. Vishrut wrote one more article than Omer.

But I thought Omer also had to be given recognition for some very good writing. And since both the writers were on par when it came to writing skill, the difference of one mattered little. Omer is another debutant this month.

After this, we come to the Best debut into cricket section. We already seen the new writers getting various awards but lets now come to the Award made specially for them. For this award again we have a tie.

It went to Mark Bateman and Kaustubh Chaturvedi! Both of them, have done a very good job. Mark wrote pieces bringing in his experienced writing skill from the other BR domains, while Kaustubh showed great potential in his only piece on cricket. He regularly responded to the comments he receive and was very enthusiastic.

Kaustubh may currently be the youngest member of our Community who is writing, but he seems ready to develop quickly. Mark is always a great guy to read.

Now we come to to the Article of the month. There were some fantastic pieces written during this period. Some pieces with emotion, some with absolute thought, some with innovation but all with good skill. It was very difficult for me to decide. Almost impossible to do it.

But finally, after thoroughly going through the eight shortlisted pieces 2-3 times. I selected Great Expectations: The Fall and Rise of Mr. Cricket by Chandra Jayaramakrishnan! A very well-written piece, whose beauty was unfortunately not understood by me in the very first go, but giving it that second look has really helped. Read it!

It is brilliant when it comes to language and the use of it. It is innovative in its own way and also has very good content. We just hope that Chandra can give us more pieces of this kind.

And last and the one of the most prestigious awards, The best writer of the month goes to...a very good writer.

Someone who has looked to improve and has learnt very quickly. Someone who has shown great skill and is also great help when it comes to other writers in the form of comments. But since we are only concerned with the writing part, we will stick to that.

I from the very first day said, that a good writer has to respond to his comments, he has also done that.

So finally, to conclude this ceremony and finish this last bit of suspense, we call the person who has made great strides in this very first month of his, Gautam Chakravarthi!

Getting three awards during your debut month is simply fantastic.

Congratulations to all the award holders. And I am very happy to see that there are so many debutantes in the list. So it is time for us veterans to pull up our socks and work hard.

And for those who did not make it this time, there is no such thing as a free lunch, so now instead of working hard, work the hardest. Good luck and don't forget, it was just that you were not the best it is not that you weren't good.

We will have the same Awards for the coming month. The articles written after Sept. 9 will also be considered for this.

Later during this month or maybe the month after that, I will look to bring in more interesting things.

Special thanks to Rocky Getters and the secret Jury member for helping. For this month, we will have Vishrut Aggarwaal also in the Jury, next month, it can be you. I want all of you to get a chance to be at the other end of the table, too.

Thank you all.


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