Spotlighting The Indies: Naruki Doi, Japanese Wrestling Prodigy

Scott BeebySenior Analyst ISeptember 11, 2009

For anyone who missed my last Spotlighting The Indies/Australian Wrestling Chronicles article on "Iron Jay" Ben Coles, you can read it here.

Welcome to another edition of Spotlighting The Indies! In this article, I'll be highlighting the career of one of the best up-and-coming Japanese wrestlers today, Naruki Doi.

Trained by legendary Japanese wrestler Ultimo Dragon, Doi spent the first few years of his career in the Toryumon Japan wrestling promotion with a baseball player gimmick (due to a family member being a baseball player in Japan).

Since then, Doi has dropped the gimmick and spent most of his career in the Japanese Dragon Gate promotion, where he is has held over 10 championships as well as reaching success in other areas.

Doi is currently the defending King of Gate champion, similar to WWE's King Of The Ring, after competing in the event last December. He defeated Dragon Kid, BxB Hulk, and the 2006 winner, Masaaki Mochizuki, to be the last man standing in the tournament.

Doi has also tried his hand in other promotions such as Pro Wrestling NOAH and overseas in big name promotions such as TNA, where he was a part of Team Japan in the 2008 World X Cup, and Ring Of Honor, where he won the Tag Team Championships with his partner and longtime friend, Masato Yoshino.

The quality of matches that this man has put on in the past are tremendous, to the point that he even won the award from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter in 2006 for match of the year, along with his tag team partners Masato Yoshino and CIMA, up against the team of Dragon Kid, Genki Horiguchi, and Ryo Saito.

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The best thing that Naruki Doi has going for him is that he's still very young for a professional wrestler at the age of 28, but he's still picked up some extremely valuable experience both in Japan and abroad throughout his nine-year career.


One of the best one-on-one matches on Youtube featuring Naruki Doi is between himself and CIMA in the Dragon Gate promotion. The match was a title unification match to determine who was the true master of Dragon Gate. You can watch the match here.

Doi is famous for three finishers. They are the Doi 555 (sometimes from the second rope), the Bakatare Sliding Kick, and my personal favourite, the Muscular Bomb. These moves and several others can be seen in this top ten moves video.