NBA Primetime's Top 3 Bounceback Superstars for the '09-'10 Season

Brandon Ribak@reebokforthreeSenior Writer ISeptember 10, 2009

CLEVELAND - FEBRUARY 22:  Allen Iverson #1 of the Detroit Pistons brings the ball up court against the Cleveland Cavaliers on February 22, 2009 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland won the game 99-78. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

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As an NBA fan, there is nothing worse than seeing your favorite team's franchise player begin to decline and deteriorate before your very own eyes.

Although it is an inevitable occurrence in every superstar's career, some fortunate athletes, physically and mentally, get the opportunity to push whatever it is that's holding them back from producing their normal averages (whether it's a nagging injury, something personal, or simply just losing a step in their game) and literally resurrect the years of their prime.

For example, superstar Shaquille O'Neal began to show signs of complete destruction during the '07-'08 season with the Miami Heat (averaging a career-low 14.2 PPG).  Once traded to Phoenix, O'Neal ended up defying all odds, with his complete turnaround in the '08-'09 season.

With the upcoming season a little more than a month away, NBA Primetime presents to you its "Top 3 Bounceback Superstars for the '09-'10 Season" (in no particular order).

1. Baron Davis, PG, LAC

Very well known for getting infected by the injury bug, point guard B-Diddy has played an entire 82 game season only four times throughout his 10 year NBA career (first three seasons never missing a game, and remaining fully healthy throughout only the '07-'08 season).

After scoring the least amount of PPG (14.9) since his sophomore season and having arguably the worst shooting season in his career (37.0%) last year, all signs point to 30- year-old Davis bouncing back during the upcoming season and re-emerging as one of the best point guards in the NBA today.

Davis's explosiveness, agility, experience, and vision gives him the guaranteed starting point guard spot for the 2009 season and ultimately gives him the chance to prove to Los Angeles that he is more than capable of helping the Clippers contend for the playoffs this year.

2. Kevin Garnett, PF, BOS

Injuries aside, Garnett averaged career lows last season (since his rookie year) in PPG, RPG, APG, and MPG.

After being acquired by the Celtics in '07, Garnett's numbers have seen a noticeable decline from then until now.  Obviously, the reasons behind his averages could be due to two other superstars fighting for their own numbers as well, or because Garnett (at the age of 33) is slowly beginning to lose his MVP arsenal.

Whatever the reason is, Garnett heads into next season supposedly 100% healthy, with the swagger and game face to win all the glory, once again.

If KG can remain on his feet for the majority of the season, there is no doubt in every Boston fan's mind that No. 5 will not only revive with Garnett type numbers, but also help bring the Celtics back to the Finals for a chance to win the organization's 18th title.

3. Allen Iverson, PG, MEM (???)

The instant A.I. was traded to the Detroit Pistons, not only did the entire franchise fall to ashes, but Iverson's potential Hall of Fame career did as well.

Recent news has stated that Iverson has now signed a one-year agreement with the Memphis Grizzlies.

If everything goes through, and A.I. is placed onto the Grizzlies roster, it is not only a declaration, but a guaranteed fact that "the answer" will resurrect from his last season's career-low 17.4 PPG and 36.5 MPG into the superstar stud that we all know and love ("We talkin' bout practice?").

Expect to see Iverson in the Western Conference All-Star game in Dallas for the first time in his career, because it is a sure thing that AI will be reborn as the superstar he was originally born to be.

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