Memphis Is The Answer and The Question.

Dwayne MontellCorrespondent ISeptember 10, 2009

Close your eyes.

Think about the black and red jerseys with "Sixers" stitched across them and the number three on the front and back. 

Think about that six foot 165 pound shooting guard taking the league over. Hitting jumpers in peoples faces, blowing by everyone, dropping 40, dropping 50, dropping 60. 

Think about him putting his hand to his ear and running all around the Wachovia Center with the crowd chanting his name for 10 minutes after the game ends. 

Think of him winning Rookie Of The Year, Think of him winning four scoring titles and two all-star game MVP's.

Think of him winning a league MVP in 2001, 

Think of him leading the not so talented Sixers to the Finals all by himself.

Think about how he inspired you were when you saw him steal Game 1 of the Finals all by himself.

Think about going to school the next day with an Iverson jersey on.

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Think about the endorsements.

Think of the times when he exited the playoffs and you were mad at the Sixers front office for not putting talent around him.

Think about what you did when he was sent to the Nuggets.

Think about looking at the stat sheet and realizing Iverson can still dominate statistically even with talent around him.

Think of him averaging 26.4 ppg, 7.1 apg and 2.2 spg a season ago and still being amazed.

Think of the 12 years of Iverson's career when he changed the game and stole the hearts of millions around the world.

Think about the time Allen Iverson was the ruler of the basketball world. Remember that at one point a little six foot guard named Allen Iverson was one of the most exciting things in the world to watch and he made you love him.

Now open your eyes. See the cornrows, tat's, chains, hip-hop gear, see him making a rap album and realize for all the wrong reasons Allen Iverson was hated.

Realize he has a bad image just because of the way he dressed. Realize that Allen Iverson was just as hated as he was loved.

Close your eyes again. 

Remember early November 2008 Allen Iverson is traded to a legit contender in the Detroit Pistons.

Remember how excited you were. 

Remember yourself thinking AI could get a ring this year. Than remember Michael Curry's rotation. Than remember Allen Iverson  sacrificing and everyone saying he is not sacrificing.

Than remember AI getting less touches, less shots, and less minutes. 

Than remember Iverson being sent to the bench behind Rodney Stuckey?!

Than remember him being shut down for the season. Than remember looking at that stat line and being shocked. The great Allen Iverson getting 14 shots? 27 minutes per game? Averaging 17.5 ppg, 5 apg.? Where did it go wrong? Why did Michael Curry do this to Iverson?

Than think to the last few months and be confused why Allen Iverson is not signed? Why is only Memphis interested.

Open your eyes to September 9, 2009.

Allen Iverson just signed with the Memphis Grizzlies!. Wasn't he supposed to be chasing a ring?

But Memphis?


The Answer is Memphis but there are so many questions left to be answered. Is he even starting? Is Memphis even going to finish 10th in the West? Is Iverson going to get treated just as bad as he was in Detroit? Is this the team he plans to stay with? The Memphis Grizzlies are the "Answer" but they are also the Question.