Why Trade Dany Heatley? Seriously?!?

----- -----------Correspondent ISeptember 8, 2009

BERN, SWITZERLAND - MAY 07:  Dany Heatley of Canada celebrates with team-mates Dan Hamhuis (L) and Jason Spezza after scoring during the IIHF World Championship Quarter-Final between Canada and Latvia at the PostFinance Arena on May 7, 2009 in Bern, Switzerland.  (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

Can somebody tell me what the hell is wrong with the hockey world today?

I don't know what's going on but today's news seem the slowest of the offseason. 

What little news is being published in blogs, sports sites and even *shudder* eklunds rumor site revolves consistently either around Heatley or Phoenix.

I'm sick and tired of Phoenix. If Baldberry Balsillie wishes to bid, buy or whatever $240 and change million that's about $239 million more then what it is worth.

I don't care who get's it, the best scenario for me is if the team implodes and get its players get drafted across the NHL

That is not the focus of this article however; I have a bigger bone to pick. 

Dany Heatley. Everyone seems to be content on saying that the best thing for everyone is he gets traded as soon as possible.

Literally, what the hell. 

2005-06 103 Points / 50 Goals

2006-07 105 Points / 50 Goals

2007-08  82 Points / 41 Goals

2008-09  72 Points / 39 Goals

And the best thing for a team that finished out of the running for the post-season is to NOT have him? 

Honestly, what the hell?! Bring him to camp, sit him down, play his game and give him more ice time. He wants to be on the first power play unit? Fine. Does he want to be interviewed first? Fine.

Who the hell cares! The guy has scored 180 goals in four seasons.

Do you know how many Evgeni Malkin has scored in three seasons? 115.

To TIE Heatley he would have to score 65 goals this season. 65.

How about Marian Hossa? 151 in 4 seasons, 29 shy of what Heatley has done.

Never mind Heatley is coming off an off-season.

So what the hell is everyone thinking? 

Is this relationship beyond a point of repair? You're telling me that Heatley isn't willing to sit down (even though the media says he is willing to) with Coach Clouston and work things out?

"He’ll do whatever they want him to do and if they want to sit down, that’s fine,[...] the situation isn’t any different. He’ll be there when camp opens and he’ll be ready to go [...]" says J.P. Barry, Heatleys agent.

I mean, I don't speak the same language as NHL-agent's do, but that seems pretty damned close to a "I'm getting worried I won't get my way, so let's sit down so I can at least play hockey without suffering an entire year" deal as it gets. 

Can you imagine a team with Kovalev (assuming he can wake up more then 50% of the time), Spezza, Alfredsson and Heatley? Throw in a goalie who can do his job mostly? Why the hell would you want to trade that?!?

I have to ask, why the hell is everyone rushing to force a trade? Hold on to him! You're not going to get what he is worth, and he will still play damned good hockey. Make some concessions for the guy, he is an elite level player. 

Why not give him what he wants?

What is he? Dr. Evil asking for a bazillion dollars? No. He was pissed off about ice time, which PP unit he plays for and other extremely stupid bullshit that could have been swept and dealt with a long time ago.

My question is how the hell Bryan Murray still has his job?


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