Partick Thistle Mascot Kingsley Immediately Becomes an Internet Sensation

Mark Patterson@@MarkPattersonBRUK Staff WriterJune 22, 2015

Partick Thistle FC @ThistleTweet

Introducing our new mascot, designed by @davidshrigley, Kingsley. http://t.co/78HQuQCUI8

There are almost no words to describe the new mascot revealed by Scottish football team Partick Thistle. Fortunately, that's where Twitter comes in.

The SPL club confirmed that Kingsley, designed by artist David Shrigley, would be the club's new mascot next season.

According to the club's statement, it comes as part of a wider investment in the club:

Shrigley has maintained his involvement and has designed a unique Kingsford logo which will adorn the front of Thistle’s shirts and be featured prominently around the stadium. In addition, a new Shrigley-designed mascot, named Kingsley, will be in attendance on match days.

Presumably, they weren't quite expecting this reaction to the new mascot:

Exclusive comment from Partick Thistle's new mascot. pic.twitter.com/yXtNO9gj5r

— thisGRAEME (@thisGRAEME) June 22, 2015

Before and after a season watching Partick Thistle pic.twitter.com/gdE0wA5F2M

— Ian Prior (@ianprior) June 22, 2015

What happens when you cross Lisa Simpson, the Teletubbies sun baby and Jose Bosingwa? https://t.co/7dxa4KotqK

— Nick Akerman (@Nakerman) June 22, 2015


— Nate Scott (@aNateScott) June 22, 2015

Meet Kingsley, @ThistleTweet new mascot. pic.twitter.com/4RmUMzuenB

— Superscoreboard (@ClydeSSB) June 22, 2015

And the saddest part of it all? The last mascot, Jaggy MacBee, is now out of work.

Feeling very sorry for @JaggyMacBee right now. pic.twitter.com/MpsdHALhJ1

— Football Clichés (@FootballCliches) June 22, 2015


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