John Cena vs. Kevin Owens: Winner and Reaction from 2015 WWE Money in the Bank

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistJune 15, 2015

WWE wrestler John Cena celebrates his victory over opponent Rusev at Wrestlemania XXXI, on Sunday, March 29, 2015 in Santa Clara, CA. 2015 marks the first year Wrestlemania will be held in the San Francisco Bay Area, being made available to viewers in 177 countries via the WWE Network. (Don Feria/AP Images for WWE)
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After falling to Kevin Owens at Elimination Chamber two weeks ago, John Cena was able to get one back Sunday night at Money in the Bank when he defeated the NXT champion.

WWE had pictures of the post-match scene: 


.@JohnCena might have won the battle at #MITB, but has @FightOwensFight won the war? http://t.co/aAWkomGjUj

After the match, Cena had to be helped out of the ring: 


.@JohnCena is helped off after a brutal post match attack from @FightOwensFight at #MITB! #CenavsOwens https://t.co/o4b5BwG0ws

Meanwhile, Owens was taunting Cena, via WWE Universe

WWE Universe @WWEUniverse

.@WWENXT Champ @FightOwensFight taunts @JohnCena after his post-match attack at #MITB. #CenaVsOwens http://t.co/nSAY1RHejR

WWE Universe provided some of the highlights of the match: 

WWE Universe @WWEUniverse

.@FightOwensFight counters @JohnCena into a powerbomb! #CenaVsOwens #MITB http://t.co/2viXHbIa8z

WWE Universe @WWEUniverse

.@FightOwensFight to @JohnCena: You Can't See Me! #CenaVsOwens #MITB http://t.co/TvAu82XzWn

While Owens has long been on the radar of wrestling fans due to his time in Ring of Honor as Kevin Steen, it wasn't until Elimination Chamber that he competed in his debut match for WWE. Many have made a great first impression over the course of WWE history, but perhaps nobody announced their arrival more emphatically than Owens.

The Canadian Superstar immediately picked a fight with Cena, and he managed to pin the 15-time world champion cleanly at Elimination Chamber. Most were aware of the fact that Owens could go in the ring and match Cena move for move, but few expected him to beat Cena in the manner in which he ultimately did.

Winning that match wasn't enough for Owens, though, as he then proceeded to attack the United States champion's character, according to WWE Universe on Twitter:

WWE Universe @WWEUniverse

"I'm going to show that a REAL role model...says they're gonna do something, and then they deliver, just like I DO!" - @FightOwensFight #Raw

Not surprisingly, the leader of the Cenation was unwilling to sit idly by while Owens talked trash. As a counter to the brash up-and-comer's verbal barbs, Cena went on to question Owens' manhood:

WWE Universe @WWEUniverse

"You are so concerned with being a REAL role model when you are not yet even a real MAN!" - @JohnCena to @FightOwensFight on #Raw...

While Cena has managed to get the better of most of his opponents on the mic over the years, Owens wouldn't let the future Hall of Famer get the last word, especially since he had the upper hand.

Cena seemed to downplay Owens' win at Elimination Chamber and went through with his usual narrative, but NXT's top dog wouldn't allow him to forget what he accomplished in his first match as part of the main roster:

WWE Universe @WWEUniverse

"@JohnCena is completely delusional....." Choose your words wisely, @FightOwensFight. #TheChamp may be listening. #SmackDown

While Cena has gotten knocked down many times over the course of his storied career, he has almost always managed to battle back and ultimately come out on top. Even so, there was plenty of uncertainty surrounding his rematch against Owens.

Despite Cena's track record of getting the better of his opponents over the long haul, many expected Owens to win since WWE is seemingly pushing him as the company's next top heel.

It is easy to envision Owens becoming WWE's top villain in the very near future, but that wasn't enough to prevent WWE Creative from giving Cena the win, as he was able to even up the series at Money in the Bank.

Regardless of Sunday's result, though, the rivalry between Owens and Cena appears to be far from over. Their feud has been built upon personal dislike for each other, and two matches over the course of a few weeks isn't enough to resolve something like that.

With Battleground coming up in July and SummerSlam on the horizon in August, Owens and Cena could very well continue their angle for the next couple of months. There are times when fans grow tired of rivalries when they last for too long, but based upon what the Superstars did at Elimination Chamber and Money in the Bank, that shouldn't be the case with them.

The ongoing conflict between Owens and Cena is the most compelling thing going on in WWE programming right now, and their clash at Money in the Bank solidified that. 

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