A Look Back in Time at Stephen Curry's Brief Rapping Career at Davidson

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJune 3, 2015


About six years ago, in the midst of working out for NBA teams ahead of the draft, Stephen Curry decided to dedicate himself to one of the most ambitious undertakings of his young life.

That task was rhyming over beats, and while it didn't end up in a Rocafella deal, Curry's brief hip-hop career left us with a YouTube gift that will live on until the last server fizzles out on this planet.

If you didn't know before, know it now: Curry rapped over Asher Roth's "I Love College" for a music video during his junior year at Davidson.

The entire video is an ode to The Commons—an all-you-can eat campus hot spot where Curry and other Davidson students would come to blow off steam between class, practice and studying.

A quick survey of the footage will show that Curry flows like a young Nas—if Nas were fed lithium and spurned the projects for flavored taters and awkward encounters with previous hookups. 

Benjamin writes that Curry sent out an email to Davidson's entire student body asking them to come watch the video at the school's annual award show:

“This is probably one of the coolest things I’ve done during college,” the email said. “I mean, going to the Elite Eight was great, but this…"


On a few hours’ notice, Curry’s email helped entice more than 600 of Davidson’s 1,698 students to show up on a Monday night for the college’s awards show. And they were greeted by a music video that was equal parts fascinating, hilarious and terrible

I don't know, Benjamin. Sounds like some hot lines to me:

"Their Sunday brunch is golden rule."

"Awkward eye contact just isn't cool, and your boys' callouts are way too cruel."

"The Outpost might be open later, but Alison cannot flavor your taters."

Jokes aside, The Commons seems to hold a sentimental place in Curry's heart. Benjamin reports that Bob McKillop, Curry's coach at Davidson, claims the young star made his decision to leave college for the NBA while having breakfast with teammates at the cafeteria. 

Another interesting (if not unsurprising) note from Benjamin's story is that Curry—a year removed from taking Davidson to an Elite Eight appearance—knew and was friends with practically everyone on campus.

Austin Bell, one of Curry's collaborators on the video, said Curry took it upon himself to get to know as many people as possible at their small school.

"The first thing he said to me was, 'Why don't I know you? Where have you been?'" Bell said. "He took it as a personal affront that he had not met me, because he sort of prided himself on knowing everyone on campus."

Ah, Chef Curry. Friend to all, seasoner of potatoes and wielder of the pot. I miss my college cafeteria, too.

Dan is on Twitter, missing the cheesy potato oles at Gresham.


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