Knicks Fans React to Team Releasing Andrea Bargnani Highlight Tape

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJune 1, 2015


Like a final kick to their collectively fetal-curled fanbase, the New York Knicks released an Andrea Bargnani 2014-15 highlight tape Monday.

While billed as a "highlight" reel, the video is more like an optimistic review of the perpetually injured Italian center's last eight months:


Check out @AndreaBargnani’s 2014-15 season highlights! WATCH http://t.co/I9qb7FFzJV http://t.co/mlellJH1Qt

He followed up his shot! And he didn't catch the whooping cough! A day of days!

The tape lasts nearly three minutes, starting with some blocks and ending with a rain of offensive napalm from Bargnani. After a bit of calculating, I found that the video shows 34 of Bargnani's 164 made field-goal attempts from the 2014-15 season—or 21 percent. 

This means the Knicks find one in every five buckets scored by Bargnani to be highlight-worthy, thus making him the Dominique Wilkins of our time. 

Somehow, Knicks fans weren't jazzed to see the organization making a highlight tape for the most frustrating player on the roster:

Aaron Ganaway @AGsoul

@nyknicks @AndreaBargnani .. Are you serious!!? He is the WORST! Always injured & plays extremely soft! #getridofhimnow

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Tanner Porzingis @AsstCoachHos

@tclarkgomavs @nyknicks @AndreaBargnani Didn't know such thing existed.

Cee Bee @CeeBee

@nyknicks it's comedy mondays huh knicks

Moby @B_Mobee

@nyknicks @AndreaBargnani LMFAO GTFO

Mitchell Deken @MitchDeken

@nyknicks Burn it! Burn it to the ground!!!!!

AWoo @WooA10

@nyknicks @HerringWSJ @AndreaBargnani @prblmylastlogin Barg really?

Dave Schnapper @sike_your_mind

@nyknicks @HerringWSJ stop trolling us

JP @J88P_

@nyknicks @AndreaBargnani can't be serious! What highlights does he have! Oh that's right the highlights of him at the atm taking nyk money

“The Sherriff” @colderskin

@nyknicks *social media director cringes as he reluctantly hits Tweet*

Kissthemgiantrings @rxmeister28

@StevePopper Bargnani highlights? How did they make it longer than three seconds?

The #KnicksTape giveth and the #KnicksTape taketh away.

Dan is on Twitter, waiting for the Knicks' 2014-15 triangle offense highlights.


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