Lil B Says James Harden's Wrist Move Is His, Threatens Dreaded Curse

Tristan ThornburghSocial Media StaffMay 21, 2015


Noted Golden State Warriors fan, curser of former NBA MVPs and highly entertaining rapper/personality Lil B may have just done all that a fan can do to seal a series victory for his team—curse the opposing team's star player.

Houston Rockets guard James Harden's signature celebration for the season has been stirring the pot, a move he says emulates a Houston rapper's move from "Flicka Da Wrist." (Warning: The video contains NSFW language.)

The Based God, however, doesn't see it that way. Based on this tweet, he believes The Beard's move is imitating his own dance move:


Go warriors @warriors and let James harden no he doing the Lil B cooking dance if he doing that flickin wrist or whipping he mark - Lil B

Update from Thursday, May 28

After witnessing Harden set a playoff record with 13 turnovers in a season-ending Game 5 loss, Lil B has decided the Rockets star has been punished enough:


I'm going to ask " The BasedGod " to lift the curse off James harden i think he gets it, world record for turnovers ?Leave him alone - Lil B

--End of Update--

Rockets fans who follow Lil B on Twitter begged for mercy in hopes that Lil B would spare their team from his curse's wrath:

OJ. @OhNo_ItsOjoh

Lil B please don't do this. 😖

OJ. @OhNo_ItsOjoh

@LILBTHEBASEDGOD this is true but please put the Rockets in your good graces Based God.

It looks like other NBA teams are taking no chances. The Atlanta Hawks want The Based God on their side for their series with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Atlanta Hawks @ATLHawks

Dear @LILBTHEBASEDGOD: We're not like the others. Please show mercy and spare us #THEBASEDGODSCURSE. 🙏 Sincerely, The Hawks

Lil B has obliged, agreeing to the Hawks' request. Atlanta is already down, 1-0, so maybe this will give the Hawks a little boost.


@ATLHawks I got love for the Hawks and Jeff Teague is a beast!! Hawks deserve great things and the city of Atlanta!!! - Lil B

For more details on the different levels of cooking (James Harden would likely fit under "Master Chef" but not quite "Farmer," according to these rankings), check out Lil B's 2010 video (warning: NSFW language) breaking it down:

Best of luck, Houston Rockets fans. The dreaded Based God's curse might be the difference-maker in the Western Conference Finals. To make matters worse for the Rockets, Lil B told TMZ Sports the Rockets are officially cursed after Harden didn't apologize and give proper credit for his "cooking" celebration.

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