Lil B Appears to Be Mocking Kevin Durant Over Injury Report

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterMarch 20, 2015

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Bad news broke Friday morning for Oklahoma City Thunder fans hoping to see Kevin Durant return to the court this season.

Thunder general manager Sam Presti announced Durant is "not going to be playing right now," per USA Today's Sam Amick, and implied the recovery process for his injured right foot could run the duration of the postseason.

While disappointing for Durant fans, a certain rapper/basketball witch doctor appears to be reveling in the news.

Durant's eternal enemy Lil B sent out what appears to be a monumental sub-tweet Friday afternoon lamenting "all the children who were injured and had to rehabilitate":


Send a prayer to all the children who were injured and had to rehabilitate, with time we will find answers to the human body - Lil B

Maimed children? Check. Prayer? Got it. The hope scientists will one day find a way to protect our unprepared youth from the ravages of this cruel world? The BasedGod is all over it.

UPDATE: Friday, March 20

Yep, Lil B is talking about Kevin Durant.

The rapper shot out another, more direct tweet after his injury comments. He doesn't think Durant will stick around Oklahoma City after this year.


The BasedGod says kevin durant is not loyal and may not stay with okc thunder another year @NBA @NBATV free agency soon? Forgive - Lil B

 ---End of Update---

UPDATE: Saturday, March 21

TMZ Sports recently spoke to Lil B and asked the rapper about Durant. In case you were wondering, the rapper has not lifted "The Based God's Curse" off KD.

"He's still under it," Lil B said. "Everyone who disses Lil B pays for it." 

If Durant wants the curse lifted, there's an easy way to make it happen.

"All he has to do is meet on the basketball court for a friendly game of 21," Lil B said. "I'm passionate about my game, my defense, if he doesn't beat me 21-0 he should be embarrassed. 

"He knows the curse is affecting him. Everyone knows. He needs to see me on the court."

--End of Update--

Durant knew not what hell he invited into his life when he first questioned Lil B in 2011. This perceived slight led to the rapper cursing Durant with a voodoo hex stating he will never win an NBA championship. The two have traded potshots ever since.

gifdsports @gifdsports

Kevin Durant should've never messed with Lil B #Thecurseisreal http://t.co/bpLpHcAMJL

This is solid, multifaceted shade by Lil B, and until we sit these two down for a peace talk summit, the Internet bullets will continue to fly.

Dan is on Twitter. He hopes all the injured children recover.