Wolfsburg Launch Professional 'FIFA 15' Team to Enter 'Virtual Bundesliga'

Sean Fay@@Sean_FayUK Staff WriterMay 20, 2015


E-sports and competitive gaming are becoming big business, and it would seem the world of football is starting to pay attention. 

The FIFA Interactive World Cup final was played in Munich on Tuesday, and now one of Germany's biggest football clubs have set up a professional FIFA 15 team to compete in a "virtual Bundesliga."

Wolfsburg have signed pro gamers Benedict "Salz0r" Salzer and Daniel "Dani" Fink to compete for the club in the competition that is being organised by EA Sports. 

The club's sporting director, Klaus Allofs, explained the motivation for setting up the team on the club's official website (as translated by Who Ate All The Pies):

Between real and digital football there are now always more points of contact.

The games get more realistic from year to year and are well received by both our professionals and our fans.

With our commitment (launching the e-sports team), we want to bring together the two worlds in the future even more closely.

So all that practice on your Xbox or PlayStation might not just see you earn bragging rights over your mates in the future, it could lead to a lucrative career.

Professional FIFA player? Sounds good to us. 

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