Stephen Curry's Daughter Riley Is a Postgame Interview Treasure

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterMay 20, 2015


UPDATE: May 20, 2015

Riley Curry doesn't seem as concerned as others about her appearance at Tuesday night's press conference.

Stephen told members of the media during a Wednesday presser that his daughter was more or less bored and didn't think too much of her post-Game 1 appearance.

Bay Area News Group's Diamond Leung and The Associated Press' Antonio Gonzalez tweeted out details from the presser:

Diamond Leung @diamond83

Stephen Curry asked Riley if she had fun and she said no.

Antonio Gonzalez @ByAntonioG

Curry on Riley during news conference: "Once she started laughing at my voice in the microphone...I knew it was all downhill."

Diamond Leung @diamond83

Stephen Curry on Riley being on SportsCenter this morning: "She just walked by...like it was nothing."

Well, at least Riley wasn't distracted by the sight of a child at a press conference. 

---End of Update---

The Golden State Warriors escaped the Houston Rockets on Tuesday night thanks largely to Stephen Curry, who is quite good at basketball and applied himself wholly to the task of sinking knives in the Rockets all evening.

Curry hit several absurd and spectacular shots at key moments in the contest, including a contested buzzer-beater to end the first half and a falling-down triple in transition late in the fourth.

This is all well and good, but we must push the accolades aside, because now it is Riley Curry's moment.

The MVP's daughter sat on her father's lap after the Warriors' 110-106 win. Vine user @ValerieVineStar (h/t SB Nation's Zach Woosley) posted video of the moment. Riley had some edicts to throw down.

Most importantly, it was late, and Dad needed to "be quiet" and stop jawing so much.

Diamond Leung @diamond83

Stephen Curry on Riley: "She's definitely a clown at home."

She also greeted her new subjects with a wave, per Vine user @whitney.

Then reminded them who is queen of the pride with a silent roar.

Then we went cave exploring.


And finally, Riley chucked up the deuces. She'd seen enough.


Incredibly, Riley's presence at the press conference ruffled some of the dustier feathers in the sporting press.

The Wilmington Star-News' Brett Frielander sent out a now-deleted tweet about how Riley's presence hampered his ability to ask stock questions and receive stock answers on a deadline.


According to ESPN's Ramona Shelburne, her colleague Brian Windhorst also believes kids should stay away from postgame press conferences.

And, of course, Skip Bayless had to weigh in on the side of the #process.

Clearly, these are bad and wrong takes.

Athletes' kids in a sports setting are instant gold. Additionally, this isn't a six-hour flight to Phoenix. They're not kicking your chair and deleting your "Stephen Curry was Golden Tuesday night" lede.

Furthermore, postgame press conferences are boring—like, dreadfully so. Teams print and hand out the verbatim of "we found a way to win" answers to you afterward. They should serve saltine crackers during these exhibitions to match the general ambience.

Enjoy a change of pace, guys, and let Riley Curry live. 

Dan is on Twitter. Just hang back and let Riley cook.


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