Twitter Reacts to Messi Masterclass as Barcelona Beat Bayern Munich

Ryan Bailey@ryanjaybaileyFeatured ColumnistMay 6, 2015

Barcelona's Lionel Messi, right, scores his second goal past Bayern's goalkeeper Manuel Neuer during the Champions League semifinal first leg soccer match between Barcelona and Bayern Munich at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, Spain, Wednesday, May 6, 2015.  (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)
Emilio Morenatti/Associated Press

Few European games in recent memory have been more hotly anticipated than Barcelona's Champions League semi-final clash with Bayern Munich.

The first leg at the Camp Nou saw Pep Guardiola returning to Catalunya with a world-beating team depleted of some of its biggest stars. The game was rich in narrative, but the pre-match conversation had nothing to do with events on the field and everything to do with Dani Alves' wardrobe...

Paddy Power @paddypower

Neymar... bit weird. Pique... dad at a wedding. Dani Alves... f*cking hell. https://t.co/Zugfv423Lf

The sartortially challenged defender decided to celebrate his 32nd birthday by arriving at the stadium in an unusual outfit, earning him trending status on Twitter and some very mixed reviews...

The42.ie @The42_ie

Dani Alves: Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be Bruno Mars http://t.co/n3BMJWA3Kz http://t.co/X8f5QhvX8T

Tancredi Palmeri @tancredipalmeri

Dani Alves ready to take Bayern Munich, but first he will serve you a Martini http://t.co/URys8BZoJX

Robbie Fowler @Robbie9Fowler

Dani alves on his way to star in the latest black eyed peas vid?

Top Corner @HITCtopcorner

Close enough. #DaniAlves #TCMockUp http://t.co/PePIfWIiLR

Fashion choices aside, the other big news pre-kick-off was Pep's decision to start a mask-wearing Robert Lewandowski, despite the fact that the Polish striker suffered a broken jaw, broken nose and concussion a week ago...

Soccer Gods @soccergods

Camp Nou has everything today, even Lewandowski-hosted S&M parties. This is going to be exciting. http://t.co/iEsO2wdRwy

Bullying Soccer @SoccerBullying

That's unfair Lewandowski has an armor.

Cesc~ @BlueTweets10

Lewandowski should be the next Dark Knight. ❤ http://t.co/Pi71LFiCZA

Sonia @SoniaCerca

Lewandowski looks like Hannibal Lecter

Church of Soccer @churchofsoccer

Some players go to great lengths to protect themselves from Luis Suarez. #UCL #FCBLive http://t.co/KiZ2xagE45

Just before the game started, Guardiola emerged at the stadium where he had enjoyed unbridled managerial success to greet his former Blaugrana team-mate Luis Enrique...

Diario SPORT @sport

Así ha sido el abrazo entre Luis Enrique y Pep Guardiola https://t.co/v8UnaVaUKP #fcblive

Henry Winter @henrywinter

Applause as Luis Enrique goes over to away dug-out and embraces Pep Guardiola (the moment captured by about 70 photographers)

BuzzFeed Sports @BuzzFeedSports

Luis Enrique and Pep Guardiola are enemy coaches today, but once played for @FCBarcelona together. http://t.co/LSF9URF1aE

Barcelona were hot favourites with the bookies to win the first leg, but several fans were willing to stake more than just a few quid...

Kucka Milano @tyanzy

If bayern beat Barcelona I will not watch football again..

angel @born2livetwice

Imagine thinking bayern will beat barcelona, will run/strip naked outside if that happens, won't happen lmao

I FOLLOW BACK @marcs_solomon

If bayern beat barca again...i will trek from nigeria to spain - BARCELONA FAN

Bayern's odds of winning surely increased when it became clear that Guardiola had decided to play three at the back. These tactics were widely derided...

Top Eleven @topeleven

Interesting tactics from Guardiola. The best front 3 in the world playing against a @FCBayern back three. #BayernBarca

𝙳𝚛 𝙹𝚘𝚑𝚊𝚗 𝙵𝚛𝚊𝚗𝚣𝚎́𝚗 @Dr_JohanFranzen

What is Guardiola doing? Absolute suicide tactics at the Nou Camp.

Kane @Sweeney_96

Guardiola needs to change his tactics, so much space for the front three to roam

Danny Peacock @Whosyourdaddy19

These tactics by Guardiola will do nothing but show frailties of Boeteng!! No chance of him stopping Suarez!!

Grant Wahl @GrantWahl

Getting a monster adrenalin rush just watching the tactics and play in Barça-Bayern right now. Guardiola insanity with 3 at the back?

After Barca's front three were given far too many opportunities to roam, Pep apparently had a tactical change of heart after 15 minutes...

B/R Football @brfootball

Why Pep Guardiola changed from a back three to a back four after 15 minutes. [Gif: @_EOW_] http://t.co/5DQb1I0KpU

Sportskeeda Football @SK_Football

Clearly, Guardiola had seen enough! Out with the 3-man defence, switches to a conventional 4 at the back

Stephen Long @Stephen_Long

Stupid Guardiola ruining everybody’s fun by going four at the back.

Ramss @bananarams

"Jk let's go with 4 at the back again" -Guardiola

Luis Suarez made a nuisance of himself in the opening stages and saw a one-on-one chance stopped by Manuel Neuer. The Uruguayan immediately started trending...

La Paz @LukeJr_

What Suarez actually saw http://t.co/cMRnDvRe1c


That Suarez miss is giving me nightmares and I'm awake.

Paddy Power @paddypower

Suarez missed his second great chance of the night. Rickie Lambert would've scored one of those.

As half-time approached in a highly entertaining game, one question echoed through all of social media...

Lucas @LucasThurgood

Jesus. Somebody tell me how this game is still 0-0!!

Alex Brooker @alex_brooker

How is this game still goalless?!!!

A series of fine saves from Manuel Neuer prevented Barca from making the breakthrough, affirming the German's shot stopper's reputation as the best on the planet...

TheFooTypster @TheFooTypster

Neuer is stupidly good.

David Amoyal @DavidAmoyal

Is Neuer a product of the same laboratory that gave us Ivan Drago?

Not Match of the Day @NOT_MOTD

Messi vs. Neuer. http://t.co/zUv07K5VXC

Dan Levy @DanLevyThinks

Manuel Neuer wearing an interesting kit today for Bayern #BarcaBayern http://t.co/7qzdD8hY5g

Shakira's truth-telling hips were not on display, but her upper body clearly showed she was not impressed...

When half-time came, a goalless scoreline belied a breathless first 45 minutes of quality football and positive tactics...

BuzzFeed Sports @BuzzFeedSports

It's 0-0 at halftime, but #BarcaBayern has us all like http://t.co/4m8BBaQa7T

indykaila News @indykaila

Chelsea fans watching this game wondering 'what sport is this?' #Barca v #Bayern

As the nets remained untouched as the hour mark approached, attentions online turned to Leo Messi's latest hairstyle...

Saul @shaulino1

Messi's hair is hard af!!! http://t.co/DWXLMLnBl7

Toby Cobb @TobyCobb

Whoever cuts Messi's hair needs to be sacked

Simon Curtis @bifana_bifana

Not sure about Messi's hair http://t.co/XJLfkdbZCs

Pedro @PedroAreIIano

When did Messi get Ronaldo hair? #UCL

As the first leg moved towards its closing stages, praise continued to shower on Die Roten's man between the sticks...

Jay Jaffa @jayjaffa

Neuer striking the fear of God into this front three

Liam Canning @LiamPaulCanning

Neuer's revolutionising goalkeeping. Give that man a Ballon d'Or.

Gary Lineker @GaryLineker

This would be over but for the absurdly brilliant Manuel Neuer.

Anthony Lopopolo @sportscaddy

Can't even say Neuer is a brick wall because he's such a mobile goalkeeper.


Running out of ways to say that Neuer is ridiculously good #FCBFCB

Jamie Redknapp's contributions to the debate, however, were not appreciated... 

michael #DanielOut @m1897

"Some say best in the world- I say best ever." - Jamie Redknapp, on Neuer. I actually have no words.

Dr. Mohammed Amali @MoAmali

Jamie Redknapp has crowned Manuel Neuer as the 'best goalkeeper ever'. Yes Jamie, you started watching football in the last decade.

In the 77th minute, the deadlock was finally broken, and it required the services of one of the greatest players of all time..

Les twittos du Barça @Twittos_FCB

[#Vine] Le but de Messi (1-0) http://t.co/BlwtjIruhv

BuzzFeed Sports @BuzzFeedSports


Howler Magazine @whatahowler

Yes, him.

Three minutes later, Messi doubled Barca's advantage with yet another world-class strike that left Jerome Boateng on the floor..

Miriti Murungi @NutmegRadio

Here’s another angle of what Messi did to poor Jerome. Jerome can barely stay in the Vine. https://t.co/KMLMxD3owW

Kyle Martino @kylemartino

Messi vs Boateng http://t.co/4g13j24bRV

John Brewin @JohnBrewin_

Lionel Messi v Jerome Boateng. https://t.co/NjVgJW9gCi

Footy Humour @FootyHumour

Neuer "When I meet Messi on the pitch, I'll show him who is boss." http://t.co/q4YKb2s1cU

Joey Barton @Joey7Barton

The man is playing a different game from everyone else. That's two World Cup winners he's just sent for the papers... #differentworld #messi

Bill Simmons @BillSimmons

Messi > All other humans

Ridwan @Ridwan_Patel

Messi - making world class defenders turn into https://t.co/jSkUy4QzT8


Weekly reminder that Messi is: http://t.co/Ty7SPwSppx


Boateng after that second goal 😩 http://t.co/7wG5R5jfvM

iDaywa @iDaywa

Jerome Boateng... http://t.co/1lubfjzqQk

The Football Feed @TheFutbolFeed

Jerome Boateng... http://t.co/n2YoGrmd4w

Bayern may have felt that they had been punished enough, but Neymar made it 3-0 at the 90-minute mark...

Maria Poquitos @vanezamorap

93 Min" Goool Neymar Jr #barcelonafc 3 - #BayernMunichFC 0 #championsleague @primerep... (Vine by @Wilson88dj) https://t.co/Uthchzm9Ey

Squawka Football @Squawka

Neymar's game by numbers: 25 passes completed 6 take-ons 4 chances created 1 goal Always a threat http://t.co/kZvRueFqkY

BBC Sport @BBCSport

"That's 111 goals shared between Messi, Neymar & Suarez this season. Best trio since Nirvana." http://t.co/ZiDs5KEXn2 http://t.co/FKbQaONJ8u

The game ended 3-0, with Barcelona having exorcised the demons of their 7-0 aggregate defeat to the Germans at this stage two years ago. Pep's side now have it all to do at the Allianz Arena next week...


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