The Oakland Raiders Are Such a Mess They Make the Broncos Look Great

Rich Kurtzman@@RichKurtzman Senior Analyst IAugust 30, 2009

NEW ORLEANS - OCTOBER 12:  Interim Head coach Tom Cable talks with an assistant coach during the game against the New Orleans Saints of the Oakland Raiders on October 12, 2008 at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The Saints defeated the Raiders 34-3.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

As game time of this monumentally over-hyped preseason game between the Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears comes closer, many thoughts are flying around the minds of Broncos' fans.

Some of their thoughts surely include hopes that Jay Cutler gets sacked or at least picked off, wondering if McDaniels will run the ball at least once from the goal line and how to feel if Cutler looks amazing and Kyle Orton struggles.

Yet for all the negative media the Broncos have received since the Josh McDaniels regime began (McJaygate, McDraftgate, and now McMarshallgate) it all pales in comparison to the black hole (all puns intended) of the AFC West the Oakland Raiders.

The Raiders are fresh off a 45-7 drubbing by the New Orleans Saints, in which the Saints won nearly every statistical category. 

"Guys, you can't stay out all night, can't expect to come in here and just turn it on," defensive end Greg Ellis was quoted as saying. "This isn't high school or college football.  This is the best of the best in the NFL."

Ellis wasn't the only one chiming in on the poor effort put forth by the Raiders, as Saints' QB Drew Brees said, "I feel like a lot of times we were getting up to the ball, getting set and they were still trying to get lined up."

Even Tom Cable couldn't hold in his hurt feelings saying, "This is embarrassing to me."

This isn't the first indication of the complete disaster brewing out in Oakland, as earlier in the month Raiders' head coach Tom Cable allegedly cold-cocked his assistant coach Randy Hanson. The head coach, who looks like an ex-WWE fighter, going all Monday Night Raw on his assistant coach during practice?

Not even Vince McMahon is diabolical enough to think a story line that juicy up. Although, Al Davis is still the man behind the curtain for the Raiders.

The aforementioned Hanson is reportedly Al Davis' "eyes and ears" on the team, basically spying on Cable and players, looking for dissension.

Davis is so paranoid he doesn't even trust his own head coach!

Hanson had previously not wanted to press charges for his broken jaw in order to avoid publicity but now Hanson has recently retained a lawyer and is now working with police investigators according to Pro Football Talk.

Brad Biggs of National Football Post cites an anonymous source saying "Cable knocked Hanson out of his chair and up against the wall and into a cabinet.  Cable and Hanson fell to the floor, where Hanson was choked and Cable was pulled off Hanson by the other men before Cable went after Hanson again." Cable allegedly went on to choke Hanson saying "I am going to kill you, I am going to kill you."

But even after this craziness went down, the Raiders players started chanting "Cable, Bumaye!" while in warm-ups the following day.

Oakland is a joke, the laughing stock of the league, and while all Raiduhs fans try to hang onto the ancient history of the Oakland/LA days of the 80s and beyond, the bottom line is that they will never be return to their former glory until Al Davis finally kicks the bucket.

Until then the NFL should declare McAfee Coliseum a disaster area.


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