Former Colts Still Looking For Work

No NameAnalyst IAugust 22, 2009

Once part of the "Big 3" in the Colts offense, two veterans now find themselves out of work.

Marvin Harrison is the greatest receiver in the Colts franchise, and one of the best in NFL history. Edgerrin James was the Indianapolis rushing attack. After his first few seasons in the league, many thought he was a sure Hall-of-Famer

Edgerrin left for Arizona because of money the year before the Colts won their only Super Bowl, and Marvin refused to take less money to stay with the Colts this offseason. Both are now looking for new teams as Edgerrin was let go by the Cardinals last year.

Dubbed the "Big Three" in Indianapolis, the two paired with Peyton Manning to form one of the greatest offenses the NFL since the Greatest Show on Turf.

Edgerrin's career numbers have gone down since leaving the Colts, and that shouldn't come as a surprise. Not only were the Colts able to pile up the numbers on offense, but the Cardinals have never been a running team, especially now with the Warner to Fitzgerald combination.

Marvin has seen his numbers decline over the last couple of years and many people thought he would retire as a Colt this or next season. A guy that has never been one to talk with the media, Marvin opted to take his game elsewhere and look for another team, instead of staying with the team that got him his Super Bowl ring, as well as a spot in the Hall-of-Fame some day.

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I think that both players still have something left in them, especially Edgerrin. They both have enough to help whatever team they join, they just won't be the same player they once were, which is to be expected.

This just shows that the people in the Colts organization really know how to use their players, and they know how to fit them into the system.

If you find yourself as a Pro-Bowl player for a team that always contends for a Super Bowl, why leave? I hope Reggie and Bob are reading this...