The Real Reason Why Dany Heatley Wants To Be Traded Away From Ottawa

Walker DanielsCorrespondent IAugust 21, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - FEBRUARU 12:  Dany Heatley #15 of the Ottawa Senators looks on during the game against the Philadelphia Flyers at the Wachovia Center on February 12, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by: Nick Laham/Getty Images)

I'll start with the disclaimer: there is no concrete evidence (and there wouldn't be for this type of thing) but there are sources. At the end of the day, who knows if these sources are any better than Eklund's back alley tipsters, but it's a rumor that I had previously heard, saw it makes it's way around forums, and now saw it again today in a separate blog.

Although many people might find it odd that Dany Heatley is still requesting a trade - or that he ever demanded one originally - but once you realize this is a very Chris Pronger-like (Edmonton Oilers) situation, it starts to make more sense.

There are two versions, one which makes more sense than the other.

The first is that Heatley slept with Spezza's wife. If that's the case, it sort of makes sense that he didn't go to the wedding but it doesn't make sense that the wedding still continued. 

The other version is better - if you like tabloid news.

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Apparently, one of the players on the Ottawa Senators had slept with Heatley's fiancee.  But Heatley didn't know about it and was going to continue on with his wedding. And for a while, nobody on the team told him.

As the wedding date got closer, Heatley finally found out and called off the wedding. Then, as it turns out, Spezza was the guy who did the deed and now the two close friends are not close. And are not friends.

Is it conjecture? Is it rumor? Is it a story that's built on leaky paper mache? Yes. But I think it's pretty clear that something happened between Heatley, Spezza, their girlfriends and sex.

Will the truth come out? If you were expecting it at today's press conference, I have some land in Florida to sell you.

Check the net and the let the debates begin.

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